Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Special Post - 300 Up

There are some milestones in life that are to be celebrated and others don't mean that much in the grand scheme of things. However today's post is the 300th on this blog. So I thought it was time to look at what has happened in the time that this blog has been up.

Well the Spanish property market has crashed and burned and has gone from the boom to end all booms to the inevitable bust.We are still mired in the problems created by the banks and their ridiculous lending criteria but things are beginning to look very much up.

When this blog started at the start of 2006 with this news and were featured just after that in The Guardian Newspaper For anyone listening at the time we were telling you that the price rises were not sustainable but not many people were listening.

We were then featured in other newspapers and talked about the carbuncle that was and is Marina D'Or Our charity project which we continue to work with was featured in the Costa Blanca News and we warned about sharp practices on the roads (We were also warning about sharp practices in the Estate Agencies.

A bit later we continued our quest, alone it seems, to put a lid on prices after a particularly stupid owner put up their price. This seemed to be a trend over time as people just didn't take heed that the top of the market had been reached. A great feature appeared in the Sunday Times with a glowing report on Valencia by Spanish property Insight owner Mark Stucklin.

Time continued onwards and we stuck to our principles. In March 2007 I produced the first draft of the Definitive Guide to Buying property in Spain which sold really well and later i started giving to everyone who wanted to buy in Spain as it helped so many people so much.

October 2007 still had strong sales as can be seen in this post For good priced properties this has always been the cae. Only if you are overpriced and in the wrong place will you not sell. We then stated our current position and how we were working for clients. The info there is still extremely relevant

We started podcasting in 2008. This meant you could listen to loads about Spain while commuting as you can get it through iTunes. Check out the VP Audio podcast for old episodes. Our You Tube channel also started to be used more but that has really exploded as we moved into 2009. It now has an excellent overview of what you can do and see in Valencia.

I decided that it would be better if everyone knew beforehand who they would be dealing with over here so moved into online networking and social media too. You can find more info here Follow me on Twitter for example and you will find out lots of stuff about Valencia and great links to news about Spain and more specifically Valencia.

As the crisis really hit home I started up another website which is being ultra successful in terms of visits. You can visit it at Houses for sale in Spain and I started a series of things you needed to know ranging from Holidays to Food and more. This one is about Bridges

Now what am I doing? Well I am currently doing a load of interviews in preparation for an audiobook and ebook about coming to live in Spain and Working in Spain. It will provide a road map for your transition over to Spain and will also have a bonus audiobook called The estate Agent Chronicles which will tell you how to get the best deal and avoid the scams that are prevalent. Stay tuned for more information.

So for now follow me on Twitter go to the Valencia Property Facebook page and become a fan and get here to Valencia to live a great lifestyle.

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