Thursday, February 18, 2010

What To Do When The Sun Comes Up In Valencia

This is a great video taken on the Malvarrosa beach in Valencia at dawn, not today of course as it is actually cloudy and raining again. If you get one of our properties down by the beach and are the type of person who is an early bird or with party times in Valencia even a night owl then you could wake up to this or even see it just before you go to bed.

Video by Javier Salinas Laguna

So which properties would give you the chance of waking up to this? Try this one for size.
120,000 Euros Cabañal, Valencia
Or possibly this one
Huge Valencia Beach Flat
or even this for the more extravagant purchaser
Kitsch and quirky at 380k

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Thursday, February 04, 2010

KandA Books in Valencia. The New Book Exchange

(I have posted this on Houses For Sale In Spain too as innovative businesses like this need supporting. Enjoy the article and get yourself along to the shop if you are in Valencia)

Previously if you wanted an English language book in Valencia you hauled yourself into the Casa del Libro or Fnac and you assumed the position as you got ready to hand over your wallet before it came back considerably lighter. (Did anyone mention that books are expensive in Spain because they still have the equivalent of the net book agreement in the UK in years past?) The other option was to go to Amazon and wait, and wait... and wait while the Spanish postal system decided what to do with a package that came from Germany but looked like it should be delivered to Brazil (Just wait and you will get it!)

Now you have another option at least in Valencia. KandA Books, click for their website, has opened recently right near the Plaza de la Reina and not only do they have a huge selection, although it is slightly spoilt by the inclusion of two!!! Diana biographies, but also the prices are great. They are a book shop and exchange at the same time. What that means is that you take your old books in and get a discount off getting new ones. So if your old book is valued at 6 Euros then you get 40% off any of the books in the shop. This of course means that all of those excellent books that you have at home collecting dust can be used to purchase excellent new ones that were on other people's shelves gathering dust previously.

So onto sections, biography, classics, chiclit, fiction, non fiction, Spanish language, French, best sellers you know the score. A bit of something for everyone and even some kid's books.

Andy, who runs the shop with his other half Kelly, has finally touched down in Valencia a few months ago after travelling round the world for a few years. They also sell prints of their photos from that journey and there are a couple of really good ones adorning the shop. Ask about the book they have produced with the best ones.

Get yourself down there on Calle Tapineria just off the Plaza de la Reina (Go down the little road by McDonalds and take the first left when you see the excavations of the Roman ruins) Have a yap, spending some time in the shop is a relaxing sort of Oasis experience in the hustle and bustle of Valencia city centre, and get yourself some books for serious or beach reading. Just one thing, please buy the Diana biographies because it is still cold and something that big might burn really well on the log fire.

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