Thursday, May 31, 2012

Brilliant house and great deal in Olocau

Fantastic American style house for sale in Olocau with tennis court and huge pool
230000 euros or rent with option at 1000 euros per month for two years


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

To move to Spain, or not (a view from the UK)

One of my potential clients for moving to Valencia, Chris Nation, gives his opinion of why he is thinking of moving to Spain from a UK point of view. Great insights into the thought process including;

Let me construct a metaphor for how I see Spain right now. Spain is like a good friend, highly cultured, sophisticated, attractive, colourful and spirited, who has emerged into the light of day after a terrible bender and is now staggering around virtually incapable of remaining upright, found to have financed the debauch with other people’s money and his children’s future and is in grave danger of ending up face down in the gutter.

You get the idea, flowery language and really funny. Take a look at Nick's Culture Spain blog.


Monday, May 21, 2012

Sometimes the bargains available on Valencia Property even surprise me

Sometimes a property gets offered to be placed onto the books at Valencia Property and I seriously cannot believe the price, either one way or the other i.e, too high or so low! I have one on the site now (Among many other excellent places) which is a beach apartment for sale in Valencia just a two or three minutes walk from the beach for just 70k Euros. Two bedrooms and an excellent living room on the fourth floor without lift but not difficult stairs at a brilliant price


Gone Fishing In The Wrong Pond

How to know when you have made a mistake in business.

Gone Fishing In The Wrong Pond

The last five months have been rather hectic in my property businesses, Valencia Property and Houses for Sale in Spain. While the Spanish economy burns around me and I have been asked many times by other agents how are you doing it? How are you so busy and making sales while we are sat around wondering when the next client will walk in through the door? About 80% of Spanish Estate agents have closed down and more are closing on a weekly basis as the harsh reality of a market that has contracted greatly since the boom days of the early 2000's were around. To answer this we need to go back to the Pareto Principle I talked about here and look at the 80/20 rule again.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Coffee and Juice time in Valencia

Because I am worth it! ;-)


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