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The Cheapest House In Spain For Sale | Houses for Sale in Spain

The Cheapest House for sale in Spain can be found in the Valencia region. It's not actually the cheapest but it must be the cheapest mansion per square metre. A huge nine bedroomed property on a plot of over 2200m2. Just five minutes from Gilet and Sagunto and ten minutes from the beach and twenty minutes away from Valencia and the airport. Perfect for taking on a current business. Check it out.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Property for sale in Valencia City, Some Great New City Flats

Lots of new properties on the main Valencia City Flats page right now. Including a beautiful two bedroom apartment overlooking the Mosen Sorrell market. Take a look at some of the properties and ask for more information about them if you are interested. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

The elephant in the room of Spanish business, not answering clients

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Getting A Prepaid Currency Card | Moving To Spain

If you are thinking of moving to Spain, planning a trip abroad or needing foreign currency when abroad then you should be getting yourself a prepaid foreign currency card. This will save you a lot of money in bank fees, unfair exchange rates and the worry about having cash stolen or lost. 

Excellent End Terrace In La Pobla

The latest property for sale on Valencia Property. An end terrace with the added advantage of being a close neighbour of mine :-)

Three bedrooms, three bathrooms, three floors but just two living rooms. Shares an excellent garden with 21 other properties. Also available for rental at 800 Euros per month or rent with an option to buy too.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Our First Auction (Sort of)

We have a client who wants to sell his property in Serra because he has his eye on a place in the UK and doesn't want to lose it. Therefore he has come up with a novel idea for selling his property in Serra, novel for this area of Spain anyway. He is placing a minimum price on the property and inviting offers on it. The best offer taken by the 17th of October will get the property, as long as the buyer is able to complete very quickly after that date ie nobody who needs to sell their place beforehand or who is saying "if" I get a mortgage.

This is an absolutely great deal now. I am showing it to somebody today too.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Marines House For Sale Near Valencia

Marines is a small, pretty town on the edge of the Sierra Calderona mountains. Take a look at the video to check out the town and its history along with a house for sale in Marines for under 100k. Small and probable best for people wanting a bolthole rather than a permanent place to live, this house was built five years ago and has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Truth is the casualty as Spain’s campaign heats up | Iberosphere

Stunning plans for Spain from Mariano Rajoy, the guy virtually certain to be the next President of the Government after 20th November.
“We need credit, because without money, there’s no work. Some things have to be done. Some things have to be understood…” And as if that wasn’t nebulous enough: “We will have to talk to [the banks] in depth and discuss and see what can be done, because they also have their problems, above all bad debt. I guarantee that the PP will talk to the banks and that solutions will emerge from that dialogue.” Who needs a manifesto when you offer such compelling policy detail?
Read the rest of the article about nonsense in Spanish Politics below


Monday, September 12, 2011

Great First Floor Flat For Sale In Valencia 145000 Euros

This is a great first floor flat for sale in the Ruzafa area of Valencia with just one little "but". Briliantly decorated, lovely finish, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large living dining room, kitchen and an extra room at the back which in reality is a 20m2 outside terrace that has been covered recently this flat has it all at a great price. The small but? Just for young people as there is a bar below that stays open late and since the smoking ban people go outside to talk and smoke. The owners of the bar are working on it. 


En Suite Bathroom



Main Bedroom. It is not on a slope by the way!



Living Room



Dining Area to Second Bathroom and Kitchen






Terrace to Kitchen





Banks, Mortgages and Threats (Why governments need to grow a pair) | Blokes on the Blog

Sometimes you just wish the governments in the Eurozone would grow a pair and tell their paymasters where to get off. This is the case now with the Spanish government and banks. It is the same throughout the Eurozone of course. In the UK Vince Cable has talked about the banks being obstructive to the banking reforms and just saving up another crisis for the future. Here in Spain it is something more day to day.

The banks have been let off from the crisis that they created by using our money to speculate wildly in the hope of making more money for their shareholders. When they bet on black and it ended up seriously in the red they were bailed out all over the World, their debts were passed onto governments who bailed them out and those governments pass the pain onto the people. The banks escaped virtually unscathed and now through their artificial, supposedly independent, ratings agencies they then have the temerity to act as they are doing now by raising any rates of lending to prohibitive levels, meaning they are making record profits again in many cases.

So what is special about Spain? Well the banks in Spain avoided the credit default swaps that brought down banks in the States and other parts of Europe because they were too busy giving credits for building in Spain, or rather overbuilding in Spain. In order to then fill these houses and apartments that they were financing, in the most inappropriate places at times, they allowed credit to be given to anyone, usually by manipulating valuations and encouraging everyone to get a mortgage with ridiculously cheap credit but onerous terms that were never explained to the clients.

{Read the rest of this post at the link below}

Original Page: http://www.blokesontheblog.co.uk/banks-mortgages-and-threats-why-governments-need-to-grow-a-pair/

Fiestas in Valencia. The Tomatina 2011 Has Gone | Houses for Sale in Spain

If you are looking to know more about the Tomatina in Valencia or fiestas in Valencia in general then this is the post or you because life is meant to be fun isn't it?

La Tomatina in Buñol. Image By Flydime on Flickr

Sunday, September 11, 2011

180000 Euros Flat For Sale In Valencia - YouTube

http://www.valencia-property.com brings you another great central Valencia flat for sale. This one of 80m2 is in an excellent position just a couple of hundred yards away from the railway station and Plaza del Ayuntamiento.. Fantastically presented and totally furnished, you just need to bring your toothbrush.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Five Fab Tapas Bars in Sevilla | azahar's sevilla blog

"It’s often said that the best way to get to know a different culture is through its food, and Sevilla is no exception. The name of the game here is tapas – the small snacks eaten with a drink in bars and cafés. Although some good ones can be found in the more touristy districts, the best are usually those frequented by the locals, so don’t be afraid to do a bit of exploring. There are so many really good tapas bars, ranging from the traditional to the modern, that choosing the five best is a nigh-on impossible task, but these are five of my personal favourites, chosen from five different barrios…"

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Friday, September 09, 2011

The Sense Of Summer

Here is a little post submitted by Dave Bull about what it is like actually living in Spain. Enjoy


Its Sunday morning and from my balcony I take in the view of Alicante bay while the kettle boils and the toaster begins its (painfully slow) relatively simple job of turning some bread brown in readiness for my very British tradition, on what is a very Spanish morning, of slapping marmite all over it but that can wait as I breathe in the salt-scented air..


Stretching along the coastline I can see the beaches are starting to fill with locals and tourists all planning on enjoying the day before it reaches full temperature in the middle of the afternoon. A speedboat cuts a white scar through the Mediterranean on its way to who knows where and the while white sails of yachts and the seagulls contrast with the beautiful blue backdrop.

San Juan at the other end of the bay juts out into the sea blocking my view of El Campello where the mountains meet the sea as they do all the way up the coast and past Calpe. In the distance I can see the rock of Benidorm stationed like a huge aircraft carrier protecting Spain’s tourism crown jewels while Brits in vets (I don’t need to be able to see them) will have enjoyed yet another evening in the town that never sleeps and all that is uniquely Benidorm.

Further on the mountains again intrude into the sea to form the pretty fishing town of Calpe but the best I can hope for today is to see Calpe’s own battleship of a rock standing proud.

Driving past me the 4x4’s and VW’s of the hang-gliders who will jump off of the top of the cliff at Gran Alacant and eventually make their descent down to the Carabasi beach, landing (conveniently) next to a Chiringuito where cool refreshment is readily supplied.  

Not a bad soundtrack to the morning either as my neighbour has just put on some pretty good jazz that compliments the percussion of the crickets below me very nicely and add to that the odd splash in the pool and the rare bark of a dog and we have an orchestra playing the sound of summer.

Soon mums, dads, kids and young lovers will be making the colourful trek across the sands and claiming their pitch for the day – the Spanish within an inch of each other, and us North Europeans wanting at least a football pitch distance to next towel and umbrella combination.

The gypsies below the cliff have already set up ‘camp’ with converted market-stalls used as sunshades and lined up in such numbers you can imagine what the wild west frontier camps  probably looked like. And boy do they eat well too, I’ve walked past before and a medieval banquet is made to look like a ‘Happy Meal’ buffet compared to what these families put on the table, and it looks delicious.

Talking of delicious, the smell of frying bacon and warm croissants is now reaching my balcony from somewhere below me, and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee is wafting around in the air reminding me that my own, somewhat less Spanish, breakfast awaits – toaster permitting.

Lunch is with some Spanish friends in the campo today where I have no doubt that some poor animal will be served up that I wouldn’t have thought (or heard) of eating before or they’ll dish up that part of the animal that you’d prefer to look at (living) than to share its final moments on the planet on a fork, with a Brussel sprout. So I always take along a jar of marmite just in case – touché! I think is the correct term…?

This article was written by Dave Bull for MASA International who are experts in the sale of property in Spain.

You can follow the adventures of Dave Bull in Spain by following @DavejBull on Twitter

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Feckinuselessshop carrefour

Copa Bonaire tonight

At the Bonaire cup. Masters football tonight with Ajax, Valencia and real Madrid. Valencia team with Mendieta, Milla, Juan Sanchez. Ajax give Winston Bogarde his first game for ten years ;-)

Tomorrow it's Liverpool with macManaman, Rush, Kennedy and more along with Inter and Porto


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Emphasising the farce that is the Spanish league via @sidlowe

"Underpinning that dominance is the distribution of TV money. Deals are struck individually. Madrid and Barcelona each make €135m (£118m) a year on domestic rights alone. Valencia make €48m, Atlético €46m and Sevilla €31m. Racing Santander make €13m, less than a tenth of the top two.
Madrid and Barcelona have long resisted calls for more equality on the grounds that they generate the vast majority of the money in a country where 60% declare themselves as fans of one of the big two and where the media are divided down the middle, supporting Madrid or Barcelona and largely ignoring the rest. A new proposal is on the table under which a collective deal will be drawn up but the inequality will be enshrined, with Madrid and Barcelona getting 35% of the money to themselves."

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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Trying out Old Photo Pro

Here are the Torres Quart in Valencia.


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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Why Inequality Ruins Everything. Spanish Football Returns | Blokes on the Blog

I was reading something recently about the quantities of money that come into football in different countries through TV rights. The article talked about the comparison between Spain and England, it was in Spanish and unfortunately I have lost the original source.

However here are the stats. Last year in England Blackpool got the smallest cut from TV of all of the premier league teams, they “only” got 45 million Euros. Manchester United, the team that was televised the most got 78 million Euros. Now that is a huge difference, a couple of star players being signed of course. However what it showed is that through the range of the twenty clubs in the premier league there was a roughly equal spread of the TV income thus ensuring that the smaller clubs could compete at least in a game between the clubs. It also ensured that the smaller clubs could avoid going into administration meaning that the league remains quite solid because after all even the bigger clubs need someone to play against.

Spanish Football Players

Image by cabezadeturco via Flickr

In Spain the big two are Barcelona and Madrid of course. Their income from TV dwarfed Manchester United’s with both getting 140 million Euros from TV rights. The next biggest beneficiaries were Valencia and Atletico Madrid with 45 million Euros. Notice a small difference of 95 million Euros there? There were five clubs that received 12 million Euros each, a modest difference of 128 million Euros each year.

Over the last six years in Spanish football Barcelona or Madrid have won the league and finished second every year except one when an inspired Villarreal managed to snatch second place. Everybody else is battling for third. To be third in Spain is to effectively win the league now in my opinion. However Valencia finished third last year 21 points behind madrid in second and Villareal in fourth were a very distant thirty points behind, almost a point per game!

This concentration of money and power in the top two is now having some disturbing trends which are being exaggerated more and more as the seasons go on. This year out of the top two divisions and 42 teams there are 17 who have no shirt sponsorship due to the crisis and the lack of opportunity for the brands to get exposure as all of the media concentrate on the Big Two to the detriment of all others. It looks like Valencia will actually manage to get sponsorship in the next week or so with a cruise line but for the third biggest club in Spain to be having this problem after the start of the season is extraordinary. Imagine Chelsea not being able to find a sponsor in England. Impossible! Well in Spain impossible is nothing.

Five of the teams in the top division are actually in administration to protect them from their creditors of whom one of the big ones are the players themselves who went on strike unless they were guaranteed their arrears. It has been admitted that the only reason that the league does not impose points deductions on teams going into administration is that it would leave the league tables looking like a farce.

During the Sunday football program on Sky at the weekend when talking about how good Juan Mata is Gordon Strachan said he often goes to watch Cartagena, I am going to assume he has a property in La Manga like many other footballers, and Mata is an exception. When he is at the Cartagena matches and comments about how good a young player is he is invariably told “Ah yes but he belongs to Barcelona/Madrid”. 80% of all stand out players in the lower leagues are already owned by the big two. Sid Lowe has written a great article about the “Bricking it” clause in loan contracts that is common now in Spain. You loan a player out to your rivals but he cannot play against his club meaning that you strengthen his loan club against all others and considerably weaken them against you. Real Madrid first put this clause into effect on all loans after being knocked out of the Champion’s League by Fernando Morientes while he was on loan at Marseille.

Sergio Canales

Image via Wikipedia

This year Real Madrid have outdone themselves because last year they bought the best young player in Spain, Sergio Canales, against the wishes of their manager Mourinho. As a result Canales hardly played all season stalling his progression at a critical time. Valencia now have him on loan for two years but he cannot play against Madrid! Valencia also have the option to buy him which may be the only way to get him playing against Madrid, however Valencia have the largest debt of any football club in Europe so whether they can exercise that option is another thing.

The other thing is of course that the matches between the Big Two now mean so much more because they are effectively league deciders. Twice European Trophy winners Zaragoza lost 6-0 at home to Madrid in their first match of the season at the weekend. This would have been unthinkable ten years ago and only thinkable under Franco because the refs were crooked ;-)

The only possible change on the horizon is that Malaga now have their own Sheikh like Man City. They still lost their first game of the season to Seville though after spending 58 million during the summer.

However after the results at the weekend the English league cannot get complacent. United putting 8 past Arsenal and Man City hammering Tottenham away are signs of things to come. Now if only there were 20 Sheikhs with cash to make fabulously rich footballers even more wealthy mmmm!

Time to stop so much inequality methinks in order to save football

Original Page: http://www.blokesontheblog.co.uk/why-inequality-ruins-everything-spanish-football-returns/

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Simply the best post I have ever read about corruption in Spain and the consequences of that for everyone who lives here. Amazingly well written.

If you do not read Spanish get it translated and read it!

"Por otro lado nunca insistiré demasiado en que todo ese afán de los políticos de realizar esas inversiones faraónicas no derivan de la búsqueda del "bienestar común", no se trata de una mala interpretación de ese bienestar, NO; el motivo fundamental son los jugosos beneficios económicos personales que se obtienen en esos mega-contratos, en suma se tratan de "pelotazos" en toda regla, a lo cual son completamente adictos nuestra Cleptocracia política, aún a costa del hundimiento de todo el país, lo cual les trae sin cuidado
Como "subproducto" de esos pelotazos, además se consiguen votos, pues en la tremenda incultura de la población, ésta interpreta que esas infraestructuras ruinosas les benefician, pues "crean empleo" y mejoran el "bienestar" de la zona. ¡Qué equivocados están y a qué alto precio lo pagaremos todos!

Bueno es hora de hacer un recorrido por ese inmenso agujero negro de derroche en que se han convertido las infraestructuras de nuestro país en los últimos 10-12 años, y la verdad uno no sabe por dónde empezar dada la magnitud del despropósito"

Ebay Auctions of Spanish Stuff

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