Tuesday, August 31, 2010

100 Tips For Moving To Spain: Nº43 For Couples | Houses for Sale in Spain

If you have problems in your marriage then moving to Spain is not the answer. Things just get amplified as you are thrown together even more. The key thing here is that you should be both up for the move. Have a look at this post about couples in Spain and answer the question about whether both of you are into the move:


Any questions feel free to get in touch

YouTube - 100 Tips For Moving To Spain: Number 43: Are You Both Into The Move

Tip number 43 of our 100 tips for moving to Spain talks about couples. Are both partners into the move or is it just pressure from one side.

Monday, August 30, 2010

YouTube - 100 Tips For Moving To Spain Number 42: How Hot Can It Get?

Related to our what is it like in the the house in the winter or summer we now have a tip from @asbjornriedel on Twitter about how hot the weather gets. It's a good point. If you are suffering in the heat when you visit in April or October for example how do you hope to stand the summer heat. Especially if you are thinking of going to a place like Madrid or Seville where temperatures in the summer regularly touch 40ºC. That's hot.

Have a look at the video and comment on the YouTube page or any of the blogs where you can find it.  

Sunday, August 29, 2010

5 Things to Avoid When Booking Lanzarote Holidays

Looking to book a holiday in Lanzarote? Then here are 5 things you should avoid doing so you get the best deal.


YouTube - 100 Tips For Moving To Spain: Nº 41: Doing your Research

Tip number 41 of our 100 tips for moving to Spain was suggested by Tim @inmalagatoday on Twitter. It is all about doing your own research and not believing me or anyone else for that matter. I like giving myself a hard time don't I!

On Travelling | Entrepreneur Solo

How a visit to England can change perspectives on certain things and why Crabbies Ginger Beer is so nice. A new post on Entrepreneur Solo, On Travelling

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I Have Been Away: New Videos and Audioboo | Houses for Sale in Spain

I am trying out audioboo and have continued uploading videos despite being away. Here is video number 40 of our 100 tips for moving to Spain. Think about what that property and more importantly the weather will be like at other times of the year.


YouTube - 100 Tips For Moving To Spain: Number 40: What is it like in the Winter?

After a day of computer problems, couldn't get into the Mac and panicked amazingly as all my info is in there, here is tip number 40 of our 100 tips for people moving to Spain. What is the place like in the winter or in the rain, snow etc... It may look nice now but has the house got insulation? In the summer it will be too hot and in the winter too cold if not.

Also if you are too hot in April then what is it like in July? Another thing to think about when buying your house in Spain

Friday, August 27, 2010

YouTube - 100 Tips For Moving to Spain Number 39. Can you do your shopping?

The basic question posed in tip 39 of our 100 tips for people moving to Spain or thinking of it is this: Are you capable of doing your shopping? This one was sent to us by @flaminglacer on Twitter. 

Well are you?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

YouTube - 100 Tips For Moving To Spain: Don't Forget Your Winter Woolies

Today's tip is the first filmed on the second day, a different shirt. Tip number 38 of our 100 tips for moving to Spain talks about a practicality, make sure to bring your winter woolies and it was supplied by @dreamspain on Twitter. Thanks Martine

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

100 Tips For Moving To Spain Nº37: Friends and Social Circles | Houses for Sale in Spain

How do you get new friends in Spain when you move here. Tip number 37 talks about friends and social circles and what to expect and take a swipe at those who come to Spain with the wrong attitude.


Enjoy it and your comments are welcome

100 Tips For Moving To Spain Nº37: Friends and Social Circles | Houses for Sale in Spain

How do you get new friends in Spain when you move here. Tip number 37 talks about friends and social circles and what to expect and take a swipe at those who come to Spain with the wrong attitude.


Enjoy it and your comments are welcome

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Important Post. Beware of the Tyre Slashing Scam in Spain | Houses for Sale in Spain

Beware of the tyre slashing scam when travelling through Spain. If you have any comments or tips to add in then place them in the comments below the article please. 

YouTube - 100 Tips For Moving To Spain Number 36 What Mortgage Do You Need

You have the idea to get a Spanish property and you need a mortgage. Which bank do you use and how do you choose them. This video talks about the process of getting a mortgage in Spain, which is not as easy as it used to be. You need to jump through hoops to get one. You must know therefore the paperwork you will need and the proces for getting a mortgage.
The mortgage company I mention in the video can be found at the following link

The video itself can be found here

I hope this helps

Monday, August 23, 2010

Lanzarote Car Hire |Lanzarote Holidays

Lanzarote Car Hire on your Lanzarote Holidays

You might want to get around Lanzarote when you are visiting to get away from the crowds and see the marvels that the island possesses. 

But The French Didn't Invent The Croissant. French Roundabouts and Dominating a market

But the French didn't invent the croissant did they? They definitely didn't invent the roundabout either but they certainly like them.


Graham Hunt

YouTube - 100 Tips For Moving To Spain Number 35: Banks. How to choose a good one.

When you choose a bank in Spain make sure you choose the right one. Things to look out for in our 100 tips for moving to Spain. Number 35 today

Sunday, August 22, 2010

YouTube - 100 Tips For Moving To Spain Number 34 The Role Of The Notary

Today's tip is a bit later than normal but it talks about the role of the notary in the Spanish property transaction.

The notary is the most important thing in the transaction as they make everything go smoothly. Make sure you know what they can do by going to http://www.houses-for-sale-in-spain.net and use the search function for finding posts about Notaries

Saturday, August 21, 2010

YouTube - 100 Tips For Moving To Spain - Number 33: Get A NIE Number


It used to be that you could buy a Spanish property with your passport. Not now. It used to be the case that a temporary NIE number was sufficient, again not now. You need a NIE number and the `process of getting it can take some time so get it started straight away.

I have also produced another video about this in the past. Have a look at it here.

This one tells you the process

Friday, August 20, 2010

100 Tips For Moving To Spain Nºs 31 and 32 | Houses for Sale in Spain


Tips number 31 and 32 of our 100 tips for moving to Spain involve getting involved in the community and trying out new stuff. Have a look at the videos and comments welcome.

Graham Hunt

YouTube - 100 Tips For Moving To Spain Number 32 Try Something New

Today's tip in our 100 tips for moving to Spain, the things you should be thinking about, comes from a service station called Monrepos just north of Huesca overlooked by the Pyrenees. Remember that when you come to Spain you must always be prepared to try new things. This of course can range from new foods and drinks all the way through to new hobbies with the obligatory, see number 12, new language.

Enjoy the video and a simple question, what are you going to try new when you come to Spain?

Graham Hunt

Thursday, August 19, 2010

YouTube - 100 Tips For Moving To Spain Number 31 Integration Into The Local Community

Tip number 31 of our 100 Tips for moving to Spain. How well do you intend to integrate into the local community.

Spain is still a social place and that doesn't sit well with many loners. Can you reinvent yourself here or is it natural to be the life and soul of the party. Have a look and see what you think at the link below.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

100 Tips for Moving to Spain: How Far From Civilization

How far away do you want to be from a town or village. Tip 30 of our 100 tips on moving to Spain

Graham Hunt

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Playing With A New Toy

I was given a gift today to play with. Playing meaning setting up a website on a domain. Now the domain is good http://www.lanzaroteholidays.co and it should be fun to play with as it is quite relevant to what I do. 

So I have set up the video channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/lanzaroteholidaysco and all I have to do now is get some videos on it. I have the gmail account so if you want to send me any pictures or anything to use as content they would be welcome at lanzaroteholidays.co@gmail.com

Looking forward to developing this site in two days before I have the three day road trip to the UK

On Being Taught A Lesson | Entrepreneur Solo

Have you ever been taught a lesson by your children? Here is the latest in my litany of lessons involving business, making money and more. How my daughter made me take action by proving what I was teaching her was right. 

Graham Hunt

(An old post but I still like it) Why Benidorm Is Not Spain and Spain is Not Greece | Houses for Sale in Spain

An oldie but a goodie. 

There was a caller on Radio Five Live today talking about the mess that is Spain and the Spanish Economy. The complaint, as it was a removals company, was that they were losing money because people aren’t coming to Spain at the moment. The litany of complaints about Spain suggested one simple thing to me, go back to the UK and start moaning there like everybody else or change the business model.

Complaints included the fact that the Spanish government has put all prices up in the shops. The level of ignorance beggars belief. Anyway, I wrote an article about what a real economic crisis looks like here. There is no doubt that Spain has serious troubles but as I have put in the video below, Spain is not Greece despite what the idiots at Standard and Poors say. (And despite the fact that the President of the Spanish government looks like Mr Bean)

Read the rest of the article and watch the video here

Telephones and The Internet in Spain. Tips Nº28 and 29 For Our 100 Tips | Houses for Sale in Spain

It all seems so simple really. You buy a house, get your telephone line, set up a wifi system and start surfing the internet in your new home in Spain. However life is never that simple in Spain. At times getting a telephone line and even more an internet connection can seem like one of Dante’s more devilish circles on your descent into hell.

Today’s tip focuses on the internet and yesterday’s featured tip on www.youtube.com/valprop talked about telephone lines in Spain so I thought I would bring it all together into two video posts telling you what it is like to get a telephone line and internet connection for those buying a house in Spain that doesn’t currently have a phone line and internet access.


Graham Hunt

Monday, August 16, 2010

Gizmodo, the Gadget Guide

Impressed by this kid's get up and go. Now I just have to make http://www.spain-dining.com do a similar thing! ;-)

Enviado desde mi BlackBerry® de Vodafone

YouTube - 100 Tips For Moving To Spain Number 28 Communication (Let Me Down)

So when you are moving to Spain you must make sure o a lot of things, 100 of them actually. However one that is ultra important is the need to communicate and to be communicable.. In this Spandau Ballet themed video we look at what you need to look out for when buying a house in terms of communication.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Food In Spain. Tip Number 27 Of Our 100 Tips For Moving To Spain | Houses for Sale in Spain

My latest article and videos about food in Spain. What you should be thinking about and looking out for. 

Tip number 27 of out 100 tips for moving to Spain talks about food and how you should explore the tastes of Spain when you come over here. If you stick to your normal diet then food becomes a lot more expensive. Fresh food tends to be cheaper here but processed food is quite a bit more expensive. I have included two videos today, the first is the tip and the second is one I made last year that talks about the price of fruit and veg in Spain.

However there are various things to think about when planning what to eat in Spain. Is the fruit and veg in season? If it is then it is likely to be very cheap. Have you learnt to cook Spanish style? That might mean learning to become an expert barbecue chef and looking at how to clean a paella pan after finishing a huge paella. What types of condiments and spices will you need? The Spanish don’t do spicy foods in general, they are not Mexican, so preparing a vindaloo for your Spanish friends might not be the best idea in the world.

Pinchos, tapas, entrepanes, marisco, bocadillos, refritos, tentenpies, pollo asado and more are just some of the words you will need to learn too. So get learning now, see tip 12 on learning the language.

And for even more check out http://www.spain-dining.com


YouTube - 100 Tips For Buying Spanish Property: Nº27 Food in Spain

If you want to know more about food in Spain then watch this short video. It makes me hungry!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Second Big Offer From Valencia Property | Houses for Sale in Spain

I thought that I would send this out to everywhere I post now through Posterous in case you haven't seen it before. 

Fancy a free iPad

In conjunction with the last offer from Houses For Sale in Spain and Valencia Property of the free audios I have decided to make the next offer even better. (If you haven’t got it then for the explanation go here and get on the mailing list in order to get your free audiobooks)

I hope that by now you have managed to look at or rather to listen to them or at least a part of them and they are being useful to you. If you are finding yourself being helped I would love you to get in touch with a testimonial on grahunt@gmail.comand if you don’t like them the same (I would like to know why)

Meanwhile I promised another freebie for those who signed up and here it is.

In conjunction with the now confirmed Apple Store in Valencia which will be opening at the end of this year for which November is the provisional date;

I will be giving one shiny new iPad away to everyone buying a house between now and the end of the year.

The basic version of the iPad will be paid for for you but you can choose to have a more expensive versions if you wish and you just pay the difference. I will also help you to set up any data account that you want with the iPad so you can use it through any of the mobile companies and pay your first month’s data subscription.

Why am I doing this? The iPad and tablet computers like it will change everything about the way we interact online and I want you to be able to get into the forefront of being able to consume content online in the way that you want it. Also with a battery life of ten hours the iPad will keep the kids quiet in the back of the car when travelling in Spain or even keep your other half quiet and occupied on long car journeys.

Now for those of you who have joined the mailing list who are already in the process of buying a property this is extremely good news of course as you are in effect getting a nice bonus. What I am hoping it will do for the rest of you is encourage you to make your purchase this year while the bargains are still around. When the bottom of the market is hit the bargains will not exist any more.

If you need any more details about this giveaway just get in touch by mail.

I look forward to hearing from you. Remember go here to sign up to the mailing list and qualify for your free iPad.


Graham Hunt

What Are Your Goals And Aspirations On Coming To Live In Spain | Houses for Sale in Spain

What are your goals and aspirations for when you get to Spain? Without having goals it may well be that your life in Spain quickly becomes boring as you drift along without any clear plans. Make sure you have things you want to do when you get here, the more things the better.


Friday, August 13, 2010

YouTube - 100 Tips For Moving To Spain Number 25: Living in A Community

We are a quarter of the way there. 100 tips for moving to Spain and today's tip talks about living in a community whether that be an apartment bloc or a place with shared garden and pool there are rules, regulations and most of all noise. Are you prepared for it.

The Twitter Graham Hunt Daily

Just signed up to make a daily paper from what I do interacting with people in social media. Have a look and see what you think


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More Posterous Sites

Today I have added the posterous service so that whenever I post something by email it will go to the following webpages where you can find something about Valencia Property. This is a good example.
and also even into Google Buzz. So now I am even more omnipresent with more content going out to more places. Want to know how to do it for your site then just get in touch with grahunt@gmail.com and I will set it up for you.

I just get to sit back and enjoy the view!

Graham Hunt

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