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Out for a change by the port In valencia


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Friday, May 27, 2011

Walking round the central market in Valencia

Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Poster Published by Phoster

Playing about with the new Phoster app on the iPad. What do you think of this?

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Semi Tropical Paradise in Pedralba. Really great value

This property at just 199950 Euros is perfect for any gardeners looking for a beautiful property for sale in Spain that they can take on a great project too. Lovely interior garden, shady front terrace and beautiful grounds surround this three bedroom house with a separate guest house too. Seriously excellent property that if you are in this price range you should be looking at. 

Martin Varsavsky: "Spanish Revolution" of 2011 Explained

The background and story of the #spanishrevolution movement as told by @martinvarsavsky to the Huffington Post. Excellent overview.

You have received a YouTube video!

This is an absolutely brilliant video cartoon about the Spanish housing Market since 1998. A must watch IF you understand Spanish (very funny too)

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Love It When I Get Surprising Prices on Spanish Property | Houses for Sale in Spain

Some surprising property prices for central Valencia flats for sale were passed onto me yesterday. I really like it when I get nice people placing reasonable prices on their property in order to sell it quickly. 

Valencia - Caminar de Roma a Ronda

Andy came and visited us on his way from Rome to Ronda. Look at his take on Valencia here. 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Spanish Revolution

Interesting video about the Spanish Revolution and what is happening in Spain. If you haven't been following it then it is an interesting case study of how social media can lead a change or at least a demand for change. The mainstream media in Spain has largely ignored this but it has gone worldwide as a protest movement with around 650 protests in cities around the World now.

What do you think about the demand to get rid of corrupt politicians and make the banks and bankers pay for their errors and greed which have made so many people's lives change in oh so many ways?

Living Overlooking The Botanical Gardens in Valencia

If you are looking for something a little bit different when you are relocating to Valencia then this apartment or sale in Valencia may well be the place for you. Two bedrooms, one is small, and two bathrooms with two terraces this is the flat of twos. Ground floor flat of some 100m2 with around 40m2 of terrace between the two with the larger one overlooking the botanical gardens as you can see in the photo. 240k with the possibility of buying the first floor flat directly above too for a combined 300k.

Spain reveals pain over cuts and unemployment | World news |

Interesting slant on the #SpanishRevolution. None of the good stuff like this is in the Spanish press directly.


Friday, May 20, 2011

The Spanish Revolution grows and spreads

What on Earth is going on in Spain? Some background for you about the #spanishrevolution.

For those of you thinking about coming to live in Spain this is great news as the people want to take power back from the corrupt politicians and get things working fairly again.

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

#spanishrevolution in Valencia

Check out this video on YouTube:
The protests in Valencia this evening

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Andy walking from Rome to Ronda in Valencia

Andy telling us why he is walking from Rome to Ronda

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In Valencia at a signing this morning after leaving Andy who is now walking to Alzira

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Walking From Rome to Ronda. Can you help out? | Houses for Sale in Spain

Can you help Andy out on his walk to Ronda from Rome. He is currently visiting Valencia, staying with us tonight in La Pobla and tomorrow he will be in Alzira. Then Javea, El Campello and onto Murcia and Almeria. Check out his page at and donate or help out. The goal is to raise 50,000 Euros from the walk itself and then 2 million over a two year period. 

Some Fantastic Offers on Valencia Property At The Moment | Houses for Sale in Spain

If you are looking for a bargain property for sale in Valencia then you could do a lot worse than these properties that are currently on sale in the Valencia Property website. Have a look and see what you think. 

Corruption in Spain and The New Politics | Entrepreneur Solo

Nothing to do with Entrepreneurialism but a lot to do with what is starting to happen in Spain. Will the "Democracia Real Ya" movement have legs? Inspired by Iceland and the Arab States the youth of Spain has taken to the streets demanding change. The entrenched political parties are in the denial stage at the moment. We will see what happens...

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Kenny signs three-year deal - Liverpool FC

Have been so busy today I missed this for four hours!!! Brilliant! 

Marketing for estate agents, 5 place in google top ten!

Thanks to @stevenhealey and @mikecj

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Valencia University Gandia

via Culture Spain – for all things Spanish by Nick Snelling on 5/11/11

Polytechnic University of Valencia, Gandia


One of the problems for anyone thinking of higher education in Spain, whether for themselves or their children is: where to go?  After all, it is never easy to find somewhere that combines a user-friendly campus with degree courses that are going to be genuinely useful.

Interestingly, the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (Polytechnic University of Valencia) has a campus at Gandia – which I suspect, may be the answer to many students’ prayers.  I say this because some main university campuses in Spain are vast and can really daunt students (at least new ones).  This can make the step from school to university an unsustainable leap.

To some extent this is true of the Polytechnic University of Valencia in Valencia city.  Based around an enormous (and very fine) campus in Valencia city, the University has some 30,000 students!  It is almost a town in its own right and was, sadly, far too intimidating for my own son when he started a degree course there three years ago.

Matters are certainly not helped for the timid or shy when undertaking university education in Spain because Spanish universities do not have a tutorial system like in the UK or the US.  This can mean that the tuition provided can be largely restricted to lectures and brief, defined times when a student has access, on his own, to see a given tutor.  So, the system does not naturally provide the mentoring (let alone the group mentoring) that young students invariably need.

All of this means that the choice of university in Spain within which to study is vitally important.  Certainly, for my son the answer was to attend a smaller campus – and this is something worthy of consideration for anyone thinking of studying in Spain.

Auditorium Gandia Campus Valencia University


By sheer good luck the Polytechnic University of Valencia close to me has a campus at Gandia – which has hugely impressed both my son and myself.  In some ways, it is the antipathy of the larger university campuses in Spain.  There are only 2,000 students, based within a neat, new campus (inaugurated in 2001) that is wonderfully well placed close to the beaches and port of Gandia.

Importantly, the campus at Gandia is far from intimidating.  Indeed, it has a friendly ambience and one that the professors themselves admit encourages a personal approach to the tuition of the courses – and thereby a more intimate relationship with students than is normally the case in Spain.

Certainly, my son has adapted well to the Gandia campus of the Polytechnic University of Valencia and has been obtaining fine results that will enable him to go on a much encouraged (by the staff) Erasmus course next year.

The Polytechnic University of Valencia at Gandia has four degree (grado) courses, available to students, each of which last four years,:

  1. Audio Visual Communication
  2. Tourism
  3. Telecommunication systems
  4. Environmental studies

All four degrees are popular and the staff at Gandia are keen to point out that there is a natural synergy between the courses – which is helpful to both the students and teaching staff.

Needless to say, the Audio Visual Communication degree (the one being studied by my son) is extremely popular – with applicants for the course doubling year on year.  Indeed, to get on the course, extremely high grades at Bachillerato and Selectivo are required.  This is not surprising as this technical and demanding degree is highly applicable to working life and the media (including the Internet).  It focuses on radio/TV, creativity, animation and interactive communications and has a passionately committed director in Antonio Forés López.

Meanwhile, the Polytechnic University of Valencia at Gandia is justifiably proud of its tourism degree (for which English is obligatory).  The campus has a close relationship with numerous government institutions and local companies and therefore knows the tourism industry and its issues intimately.

Finally, the telecommunications systems and environmental degrees are nothing if not pertinent – given the technological revolution exploding within Spain and the many issues facing the country after its recent rampant and chaotic building boom.

Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Gandia


Jordi Mauri is an impressive professor who specialises in business innovation at the Gandia campus and, taking me around the campus, he stressed the ethos of the University.

‘What we are proud of here is the environment that we have developed,’ Jordi said.  ‘At Gandia we are always striving to make sure that what we teach is relevant and applicable to our students after they finish their studies.  However, we also recognise that their time with us needs to be fun – whilst providing them with an opportunity to mature and develop in a positive way’.

Certainly, I was encouraged by the motto of the Gandia campus which is ‘Qualsevol Nit Pot Sortir El Sol’ – which is written large on one of the building walls.  It is Valencian and, more or less, translates as ‘Every night ends with a new day’ – an optimistic, thoughtful and peculiarly endearing motto.

Library Polytechnic University of Valencia


Interestingly, the Gandia part of the Polytechnic University of Valencia is keen to encourage foreign students to come to the campus.  At present, they have some 120 foreign students of whom 60 are Chinese who, I suspect, must delight in being on the campus.

After all some of the best beaches in Spain are five minutes walk away from the Gandia university campus, Gandia town is wonderful (by anyone’s standards) and the terrific city of Valencia is just a cheap 50 minute train ride.  Meanwhile, the campus facilities are virtually brand new and the whole place is easy to navigate and has a pleasant, relaxed ambience.

The point, of course, is that for higher education in Spain to be effective (as in any other country) it needs to be done in the right environment – one that is user-friendly for students.  To my mind, this is something that the Gandia campus of the Polytechnic University of Valencia seems to have achieved.  The facilities are good, the staff appear enthusiastic and proud of their campus and the atmosphere at the University is both businesslike and friendly.

So, if you are thinking of studying in Spain or undertaking higher education in Spain or have the possibility of an exchange or Erasmus course then you would be well advised to have a look at the Gandia campus of the Polytechnic University of Valencia.  I think that you will be impressed.



Incidentally, at Gandia there are two masters courses available: post production and accoustics.  Next year there will be a further masters course on social media – which just shows how up to date the university is!

STUDYING IN SPAIN Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Gandia Library Polytechnic University of Valencia EDUCATION IN SPAIN Polytechnic University of Valencia, Gandia Auditorium Gandia Campus Valencia University

Why Do People Get Irate When I Refuse To List Their Property? | Houses for Sale in Spain

So with extra Homer Simpson image included why do people get irate if I refuse to list their property. It's nothing personal your property just doesn't fit my market (Or you are living in cloud cuckoo land regarding the valuation) And the one pictured I did list because it is worth it.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Valencia and horse riding

Late but worth it for the last picture

Valencia and horse riding




I completely missed advising you about a terrific event that was due to occur at the Valencia City of Arts and Sciences during the weekend.  This was all the more regrettable – because I had bookedup long before, went myself – and had a fantastic time!

During the weekend the Global Champions Tour was run beside the Valencia science museum.  For those unfamiliar with the event, it is a show jumping competition that is held in 9 different countries and one that aims to provide ‘the best in showjumping’ with world class riders and horses.



In fact, the Global Champions Tour is also notable for its prize money!  Evidently, in 2010 the winner earnt half a million Euros in prize money.  This gives you some idea of the supreme excellence of both the horses and riders involved.  Mind you, I imagine that most of the prize money would been needed just to cover the vast costs involved in competing in 9 different countries with a world class horse…

In any event, the occasion was simply wonderful.  Indeed, it would have been churlish of anyone not to have enjoyed a spectacularly well run event located in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe – and within the glorious City of Arts and Sciences.

Not only was it great to see world class horse riding in Valencia but, amazingly, it was also incredibly good value.  Seats in the grandstand cost only 10 Euros – which beggars belief, frankly.



Of course, as I wrote recently, there are few places more exciting and awesomely beautiful than the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia.  When this is combined with a terrific show then you truly know that you are in for a treat.

Incidentally, the winner of this years Global Champions Tour grand prix in Valencia was the Irishman Billy Twomeyriding the appropriately named Je T’Aime Flamenco.

Anyway, if you are ‘into’ horses then I am almost certain that this type of horse riding in Valencia will occur again next year – in which case book up early and see a really superb competition in circumstances that could not be bettered!



Finally, as always, it was impossible not to try to capture some of the buildings within the Valencia City of Arts and Sciences and my son took this stunning picture just as the sun was finally disappearing.



What a breathtaking place…


Valencia City of Arts and Science

Horse riding in Spain


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An Easy to Live in House Near to Domeño Reduced by 25k

This house is now back on the market after four months with a new price reduced by 25,000 Euros to 140k. Worth a look a couple of kilometres outside the town of Domeño with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, living room good terraces and a pool on an 800m2 plot.


Web Marketing For Estate Agents | Mike's Life

The second review of Web Marketing For Estate Agents, this time from Mike in Lanzarote. An excellent overview of what is actually in the book that will help estate agents out in their marketing.


Casa Grande Valencia en Alquiler

Una casa con capacidad para hasta 22 personas en alquiler por fines de semana, semanas, quincenas y meses. Cuenta con una piscina enorme en el verano y nueve habitaciones, dos salones, zona chill out, sala de juegos y en un entorno tranquilo a 20 minutos de Valencia y el aeropuerto.


Spanish property, is it time to buy now?

A well balanced article about the Spanish property market and the roadshow currently being toured around Europe. 

Spanish property, is it time to buy now?



So, the Spanish government is finally on a major push to get foreigners to buy Spanish property!

I keep reading about the ‘road show’ that is currently in the UK before it goes off to tour the rest of Europe to publicise the benefits of buying property in Spain. Clearly the Spanish government’s PR machine is working hard to publicise the event with the presence of Spain’s Housing Minister, Beatriz Corredor, an indication of how serious the government are.

This should not be surprising as something like 10% of all the properties bought during the boom years were purchased by foreigners. Indeed, there are now, supposedly, some 1 million Britons resident in Spain, all of whom will have contributed significantly to the Spanish economy.

Perhaps more to the point, as stated in a recent BBC article, is that some 1 in 5 jobs in Spain ‘were connnected to the property sector’ during the boom years – which just about mirrors the current unemployment figures in Spain of 21.3%. In other words, the collapse of the property market took with it at least 20% of the jobs available in Spain.

The trouble is that almost ever article that I have read about the Spanish government’s property roadshow has been hijacked by protesters who bought in Spain – and then found themselves in a nightmare. There are tales of illegal property and worthless bank guarantees and so on – none of which help Spain’s case.

Unfortunately, quite a lot of the horror stories about Spanish property are true. There is certainly no shortage of illegal properties or properties in Spain with inherent (and often very expensive liabilities). It is certainly not a place in which to buy carelessly and, despite the assertions of the housing minister, matters have not changed radically over the past few years to make matters noticeably safer.

That said, as I have written many times, I am constantly astonished by the lunatic actions of foreign buyers when they do come to Spain. It is unbeliveable how many people, for example, do not use a lawyer for their conveyancing – or, when they do, one who they know also works for the seller. This is just asking for trouble and is something they would never tolerate in their own countries under any circumstances.

Indeed, some of the Spanish property problems that I have seen (first-hand) appear to have been almost deliberately created by buyers during moments of what can only be kindly described as utter madness.

The truth is that you can buy safely in Spain – if you are careful and if you are sufficiently knowledgeable beforehand and if you treat Spanish property with the caution it deserves.

Spanish property certainly deserves to be treated with caution, as I emphasise in my book ‘How to Buy Spanish Property and Move to Spain – Safely’. Indeed, my watchword is to approach Spanish property as if it is illegal – and then get your specialist conveyancing lawyer to prove (in writing) that it is actually legal and has no possible liabilities. This is a reversal of the philosphy of the US or the UK but it is the right way to go.

As to now being the right time to buy Spanish property?

Well, yes – it probably is.

Although I believe that the market has a little further to drop there are such astonishing bargains available that (if you are careful) – really, you cannot go too far wrong price-wise. Just make sure that where and what you buy is right and that it is located somewhere that will be in long term demand by a significant and defined sector of the buying public (preferably Spanish and foreign).


How to Buy Spanish Property and Move to Spain – Safely’

Protests over a place in the sun

The Spanish property crash is not over yet


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First book review of Web Marketing for Estate Agents

I have just seen the first review of my Web Marketing For Estate Agents book and I have to say i am humbled. Thanks Steven. Nice to have such a good initial review.
Hopefully there will be many more to come just as positive.


From Concept to Shipping in Eight Days | Entrepreneur Solo

How to come up with an idea and get it out into the World in just eight days including a two day wait for editing. Shipping products online in double quick time

The pain in Spain stays mainly with the jobless - Business Analysis & Features, Business - The Independent

The tangled web of the Spanish workplace. People seriously need to get out of the box they have built for themselves.

"But as one former Madrid businessman says: "Every time you have to ask for credit, you have to prove you're making a profit. To do that you have to cook the books. You end up paying taxes to be able to borrow money. That's crazy." For some business people threatened with becoming part of Spain's unemployed army, this may be the only alternative."

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Saturday, May 07, 2011

5 of the best hotels in Spain (

So should I have an ambition to stay at all five?

5 of the best hotels in Spain

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Seve Ballesteros dies: Spanish golfer's condition deteriorated following treatment for brain tumour - Telegraph

Article: / Property & Mortgages - Spain’s attempt to woo back buyers starts in UK

But will it work? / Property & Mortgages - Spain’s attempt to woo back buyers starts in UK

In fact, the Spanish government says it is taking measures to increase transparency in the property market for foreign purchasers. It will be passing legislation in the coming weeks to make it obligatory for any processes that may render a house illegal to be publicly flagged in Spain’s property register. The register will also be available in English.

(via Instapaper)

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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

How Does An Estate Agent Sell Osama’s Hideout?

How do you get a difficult property off the books? Here is how I envisage selling Osama's hideout if it comes up for sale although the previous tenants have left it in a right mess so it may well be demolished. 

Ebay Auctions of Spanish Stuff

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