Thursday, September 30, 2010

YouTube - Valencia's City of Arts and Sciences. Simply The Best

Simply the best! No not me! The City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia. Took this video last year some time but it is well worth a new look because, as Millenium projects go, there is no comparison in the whole of the World.

Child Care In Spain – Nurseries and Early Years

If one of the worries that you have on coming to live in Spain is what the childcare and nursery provision is like then you shouldn't be worrying. Read this post about childcare in Spain and compare and contrast with the UK. You may well be pleasantly surprised.

YouTube - 100 Tips For Moving To Spain Number 73: Ever Thought Of Renting?

Today's tip in our 100 tips for moving to Spain talks about the possibility of renting a property or renting with an option to buy, lease options as they are called in the States. Many banks are offering this on their stock but now individuals are reacting to the market by doing it also. So when you are coming over to Spain is it worth you looking at a rental with an option to buy in Spain?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Spanish Ingenuity | Houses for Sale in Spain

If you really want to know how the Spanish can provide inspiration with their ingenuity then have a look at this post from last year. The Spanish and the points driving licence

Using Twitter and Social Media to Find Information on Spain

There's Traffic and Then There's TRAFFIC | Entrepreneur Solo

More about Traffic Spikes on Blogs and the General Strike in Spain today. 

How the traffic generated by the interest in the Spanish General Strike of Sept 2010 is useful even though it is commercially irrelevant.

YouTube - General Strike in Spain

The effects of the General Strike in Spain Sept 29th 2010 at least in my local town of La Pobla de Vallbona. What is the general strike like where you are?

YouTube - 100 Tips For Moving To Spain Number 72 Removals To Spain

When you are thinking of moving to Spain one of the big headaches is often the removals and the removal costs associated with moving to Spain. Today's video, number 72 in our 100 videos about moving to Spain talks about why you shouldn't bring all your stuff. 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

90000 Euros Valencia in the Old Town.

Decent value flat or sale in the old part of Valencia. This 60m2 flat has 3 bedrooms, go figure... 
It needs a modernisation and stands just a few metres from the Torres Serranos on the second floor of an old building. Well worth a look if you are in this pice range and want a pied a terre in Valencia

Graham Hunt

Utiel House For Sale in Spain. Nicely put together


It is possible to make a living in Spain although the old certainties have gone. New types of work are replacing the industries of construction and bar work but they are slow to emerge and you need to be able to recognise niches and opportunities as they appear. Read on

YouTube - 100 Tips For Moving To Spain Number 71 Price Differentials and Exchange Rates

In this video I encourage cancer and currency speculation. Not one of my favourites but another of our 100 tips for moving to Spain. What differences in prices can you take advantage of?

Monday, September 27, 2010

How To Deal With A Traffic Spike on Your Website (Guest post by @mikecj)

"How to deal with a traffic spike on your blog" A guest post today by Mike Cliffe Jones about what you should do when you get a lot of traffic for whatever reason to your blog post. Mike is a recognised expert on blogging who will be presenting in Las Vegas in a couple of weeks time at Blogworld Expo. Take his advice if your blog has the luck to be picked up everywhere as a post goes viral.

Video Tip Number 70 for moving to Spain: Unemployment in Spain

Today's tip of our 100 video tips for moving to Spain talks about the perils of unemployment in Spain. Obviously Spain has a huge structural problem with unemployment, the current rate standing at above 20% and it being around 40% for young people in certain areas. There is not a lot of government handouts either so you need to be self sufficient or have a large extended family to fall back on. Our solution is obviously the "Secrets to Working and Making a Living in Spain" book which you can find at the link but first watch the video here

Oh and this video has added UB40 for extra effect!

The Latest Superb Video From TurisValencia | Houses for Sale in Spain

Turis Valencia has put together another really good looking video about Valencia this time through the eyes of the Valencia football players. How they relax and what is there to do in Valencia. Have a look and see what you think.

Now you might not have the money for the yacht or the boat to go around the Albufera lake but they can be rented inexpensively and walking round La Lonja and the Central Market is free. The zoo can be visited as many times as you want in the year or the same price as two normal tickets and even getting into the matches at Valencia Football Club may only cost around 20 Euros. (Levante's season ticket costs around 200 Euros for all of the games during the season. 

Typically Tropical

Sports and social club at Betera and a decent house for rent for only 900 Euros per month.
Check out the property itself here

Graham Hunt

Ebay Auctions of Spanish Stuff

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