Friday, September 17, 2010

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The Work in Spain book, or rather the secrets to working and making a living in Spain has now been on sale for a few days and sales are steady. We are ecstatic with the reaction of those who have picked up the book and are taking on board all of the tips contained within it for getting a business up and running in Spain with little or no cost. 

Surprisingly one of the main reactions has been the thanks we have received for providing such a detailed resources section so that when people are referencing where they need to go to get help on a particular subject it is always there and available with direct links to the sites they might need to help them out. We put the resources in because it had to be there rather than as a reference guide so it is good to know that people are using it.

There is a new blog post up at the Work in Spain blog site too which looks into how it is possible to get work in the construction industry in Spain. It is difficult but by drilling down into the niche we have found some options for people.

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