Sunday, February 17, 2008

Off Plan Mountain Flats

Teruel Exists! The people of Teruel like to remind everybody that their community exists as the central government seems to have spent years ignoring them. Motorways are now appearing, and even railways and the fast ones may soon make an appearance. Off the beaten track is the word. So why write about them here? Well Teruel has skiing in the winter, is cooler in the summer and is a rural dream activity holiday place. We have been approached by a friend who is developing a project there of seven flats to sell them for him. There are six flats available from 127000 to 151000 Euros of one and two bedrooms. The building will be finished by the summer, it is set in a lovely old village and will match the village as it will be a stone block. See the latest pictures as it moves along but here are the latest. If you are interested then send us a mail and we will get back to you. Just an hour away from Valencia.

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Curse of The EMails

If you have tried to get in touch over the weekend please send your mail again as the dreaded e- mail curse struck again. However we have now discovered why and this will make you laugh or cry depending on your affinity for technology.

We get spam, a lot of it and most of it is caught but now we have discovered why we keep getting problems with the email and it tends to be at the weekends. Every week our server purges the spam at the end of the week so that it is not left on the server. Everything that has been sent to any address is there. We should only get mail to existing mail addresses but for some reason we get other stuff too addressed to Mitch at vp etc... Now no Mitch has ever been seen in our offices! This goes into a folder which acts as a catch all I found today. Well it turns out that things didn't work at the weekend because the folder was full. We have had over 84000 spam e-mails in the last week. 84000!!! That is a few too many I think. So if you want to know anything about erectile dysfunction, cialis spelt in any number of different ways, the NatWest bank wanting me to send them my details, Viagra, Pfizer, or any other number of common spam mails then just send me a mail and I will respond to them for you so you too can try and beat my 84000 Spam mail messages in a week.

Monday, February 04, 2008

New Financing Option

Our sister company Devanio has just completed its first financing agreement. Check out our website at for details. If you have a property for sale and want to release some cash or if you are an investor looking for a safe haven for some money then read about how it is done on that page.

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