Friday, August 25, 2006


We may possibly have our busiest month ever in September. Apart from the signings we have lined up there are loads of new properties ready to be seen and we have been burrowing away in the background on renewing our advertising to make the brand more visible. We have a lot of people lined up for visits so there may not be many updates if things get a bit hectic. If you are planning to come over and visit book early as we wouldn't want to let anybody down!

Remortgages and Valuations

Many of our clients are now sitting on a huge pile of equity after having bought in the last five years and seeing the appreciation in the rising Spanish market meaning they made a good little investment and a tidy sum. Spanish banks are finally waking up to the fact that there is equity in these houses and they can get some business from it and they are now willing to release that equity, usually by taking the mortgage from another bank. You have to pay an early redemption fee, usually one per cent of outstanding amount, but the savings to be made on a monthly basis by extending the time period while increasing the capital available for making improvements to the property or just to put away for a rainy day or invest in a second property or an off plan development means that a lot of people are now considering it.
We at Valencia Property have been arranging many of these deals for our own clients and others coming in to take advantage of the equity release and despite the rising interest rates there are still good deals to be found. Typically we are finding rates at 4% for the first year and on ongoing rate of Euribor plus 0.75% for this type of deal.


Saturday, August 12, 2006


So after the e-mail debacle of last week we have now had our server hacked and the front page has disappeared so thank you Dr.Jr7 and hopefully one day you will be hacked (To little pieces with a machete would be nice)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

E Mails and having your hand cut off

I am writing this on the 10th of August so bear that in mind if you have sent any e-mails recently. We are not receiving any mails as our server has gone down totally. This is just like having a hand cut off as it annoys us and you the clients immensely. Therefore if you read this and have sent a mail since the 7th of August please resend to or and we will endeavour to get back to you asap.
If the mail is personal for Graham then sned it to

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Reasonable Prices

We are starting to see a bit of sanity appearing in the prices that people are asking for houses. We have always felt at Valencia Property that if a property is overpriced then we will not take it on. Recently we have not had to take a sharp intake of breath so often as people are starting to ask for reasonable prices more often. There is still the odd nutter who says their house is worth a million euros despite it being situated between a new motorway and a pig farm with subsidence problems and the usual necessity to do up both the bathroom and the kitchen! However nutters are getting thinner on the ground and thus we are wasting less time when picking up properties.
(The pictures are of four new properties that we have in Domeño, Turis, Olocau and Serra ranging from 210000 Euros to 355000 Euros)

Monday, August 07, 2006


I cannot believe how empty Valencia is this summer. Everyone has done a Madrid and disappeared. The city is a bit of a ghost town but despite this the papers today are reporting the boom in city tourism that has taken place in Valencia over the last couple of years. So far this year all records for number of tourists and tourist spend have been shattered and the city fathers (and mothers) are hoping that it may continue for a long time. Current perspectives would suggest that it will as Valencia gets itself firmly on the tourist map for city breaks and as a centre for exploring the Spanish Eastern Mediterranean coast.

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