Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Reasonable Prices

We are starting to see a bit of sanity appearing in the prices that people are asking for houses. We have always felt at Valencia Property that if a property is overpriced then we will not take it on. Recently we have not had to take a sharp intake of breath so often as people are starting to ask for reasonable prices more often. There is still the odd nutter who says their house is worth a million euros despite it being situated between a new motorway and a pig farm with subsidence problems and the usual necessity to do up both the bathroom and the kitchen! However nutters are getting thinner on the ground and thus we are wasting less time when picking up properties.
(The pictures are of four new properties that we have in Domeño, Turis, Olocau and Serra ranging from 210000 Euros to 355000 Euros)

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