Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Some More Video

Here are some pics that we took today and a video. The video was taken this morning when finally we got some sunshine after a week of cloud and rain. The house photos were taken this afternoon and it is a bit of a shame because the clouds had rolled in and the fantastic views from this house were made a lot greyer.

The videos are of the garden and living room of a house in La Pobla at 290,000 Euros. Excellent place to live surrounded by great facilities and just fifteen mins from Valencia on a good traffic day. Four bedrooms upstairs, a spare room downstairs, living room, kitchen, two bathrooms, toilet and garage along with covered terraces and a shared garden with large pool and friendly neighbours.

The pictures below are of the house in Catadau. The price of 400,000 includes the finishing of the house and surrounding walls and there are options to have a pool if required. The kitchen and the living room are huge and very well presented. There are four bedrooms although one would be better suited to being an office. However the office could go in the kitchen because it is huge. The views are spectacular all the way to Cullera to the south and Valencia to the north east.

News on Prices in the City

Thanks to the blog at for this news from Idealista about average prices in the city of Valencia.

" believes that the second-hand home market in Valencia ‘has ripened and is preparing for a cycle change’, with average prices remaining under €3,000 (at €2,747 per m2). Three districts saw rises above 15%, including Algirós (17.8%), Campanar (17%), and El Pla del Real (15.2%), compared to much lower rises for Benimaclet (3.9%), Poblats Maritims (7%), La Saïdia (8%), Patraix (8.2%), and Camins al Grau (9.9%). Ciutat Vella is the most expensive district in Valencia (at €3,630 per m2), followed closely by L’eixample (€3,607 per m2) and El Pla del Real (€3,512)."

So if you want a property in the old town, gentrifying by the day and offering excellent nightlife and facilities, be prepared to pay for it. What else can we take from this? The America's Cup effect near the Port has blown itself out as the greatest rises are in areas to the West and North West areas of the city well away from the Port. As always, location is the most important thing. The demand is for centrally located apartments and demand drives prices. So if you are looking for investments look in those areas right in town. If you are looking for a good standard of apartment with excellent facilities but are willing to take the metro then look to areas like Benimaclet, Campanar, Malvarrosa etc...

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Banks and Cajas. Ethical Money?

Many years ago in the UK there was a clear distinction between banks and building socieites, then in the great Thatcher sell off everything was privatised and building socieites became something to make money with the same as a bank and forgot their original purpose, to serve the community.

Here in Spain the same has happened but to a much lesser degree. The building socieities are run with their social conscience still clear rather like the Co-Operative Bank in the UK. They help with funding for most of the cultural events that occur in Valencia (And I include sponsoring both football and the Opera House in that)and they have a clear set of objectives to help the communities on a social level.

You might want to bear in mind when asking for a mortgage what the bank is going to do with your money that you put into your account and the mortgage repayments. The terms and conditions from banks and building socieites are very similar but at least you know that your money may well do some good in the long run. At the moment CAM is running an awareness campaign to help preserve water, Bancaja is keeping open most of the arts events in Valencia and La Caixa performs a similar job for Catalunya. They are always involved in funding the local fiestas that make living here much more enticing.

The events that they sponsor include all of those shown here in logos and pictures. Here in La Pobla we are in the middle of the Fiestas of San Sebastian at the moment which included the blessing of the animals last Sunday. Two weeks of loads of surprise nighttime firework displays and bonfires.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Value Properties in Olocau and Lliria

Prices seem to have moderated recently and the rises are not as fast as previously. This is good news for anyone coming to buy now as we can get you better value houses and more of them to choose from. I feel that location is always going to be important so it is important to have something different about the house and not just be a clone of hundreds of other houses in the same area.

Here are two good value houses both off the same owner who wants to upgrade to a bigger place in the local area. One is in Olocau and is priced at 240,000 Euros. The other is 10km north of Lliria and costs 210,000 Euros. Both are open to offers and the details of each one are given below.

The first three pics are of the house in Olocau. Here is the description;
A place that although not massively pleasing to the eye from the front is very impressive inside and has an excellent patio terraced area with a sunken pool and lots of space for lazing around and soaking up the sun.

Set about 700m away from the Olocau to Betera road this house has a large plot of some 2000m2 and the house itself is some 130m2 with three large bedrooms, one with an en suite bathroom, to be finished before purchase, two bathrooms, one of which is the previously mentioned en suite and a large living room. The kitchen is on the small side but has everything you could need.

Outside there is a covered terrace at the back, a roof terrace, off road parking, terraced orange groves, the pool with filter and a paellero of course.

There are electric, phone and water connections and it is set in a rural estate after about 700m of track rather than road. Very nice place to chill out.

The second lot of three photos are of the house in Lliria. Very large inside and lots of land.

Spacious and modernised property in the countryside about 11km from Lliria.

The house is large, almost 200m2 of house all on one floor comprising, living room with open plan kitchen, four bedrooms, dining room, two bathrooms, one of which is en suite to the main bedroom and a covered terrace overpooling the orange groves.

The plot is also large with hundreds of orange trees, a dip pool a swimming pool and terraces with gravel and tiled areas.

The drawback, no electric. It has a generator and preinstallation of solar energy, the current owner will put in two panels before sale to finish off the installation. There is water but currently no phone. The whole thing is modernised and comes fully furnished with everything you can see in the pictures.

See more of our properties on video at our dedictaed video channel on You Tube here

A Very Nice Living Room

It looks like the weather is going to turn in the next few days. Spain's ski resorts have had their first real snowfalls of the year and the cold snap is heading this way. Last week was exceptional as temperatures reached 25 degrees. Today was 18 degrees and very sunny but the nights are cool.
Have a look at the video of the inside and a couple of photos below. (You also get to hear my dulcet tones guiding you through the room)

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Portacoeli on a Sunday

I decided to take some video of one of the houses on Portacoeli today to show the relaxed life that can be had there. However I then popped into the sports centre and social club to show that it is very lively. A nice contrast. You get a good idea of the facilities and as the bar there is open the parents can sit around yapping while the kids enjoy themselves, or vice versa.

The house is priced at 400,000 Euros and stands on a 1025m2 plot with four bedrooms, kitchen, two bathrooms, large living room and covered terraces. There is a covered parking space and plenty of other off road parking. The pool and gardens are stunning and really well kept.

You can see more videos on our dedicated video site at

Saturday, January 20, 2007

New Properties

The weather has been wonderful this week and it has been an excellent week for getting good value properties photographed and onto the sites. I have taken photos today of a great place in Portacoeli with lovely gardens and great potential at 420,000 Euros. Everything you could want for a quiet and peaceful life just half an hour away from Valencia and twenty minutes from the airport. There are also photos attached of an end terrace with shared garden and pool as well as a private garden at 325,000 Euros down from 365,000, a new build in La Pobla with divine views to be finished by April at 291,000 Euros and a video of the back of a house in La Pobla with a great communal garden at 290,000 Euros.

(The photos in order are the house in La Pobla at 291,000 Euros, the house in Portacoeli and the end terrace in La Pobla at 325,000 Euros)

We hope you like them

You can see more videos on our dedicated video site at

Friday, January 19, 2007


I spent yesterday on the chain gang moving rocks. Landscaping sounds a much nicer way of describing it but really backbreaking work for this particular service industry worker would be a better way of describing it.
Have a look at the results here.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Our You Tube Channel

We have a channel now on You Tube where you can see all of our videos of the houses as and when we put them up. Hopefully it will become a good resource for everyone who wants to move into the area and give you a good idea of more characteristics of any house that you are interested in. Also, if you are particularly interested in any of the houses on the main website we will go and video it in greater detail before posting it on You Tube and on this blog.
Go and have a look at our currently very basic You Tube Channel at this link

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Want a house near the beach?

Canet de Berenguer has the nicest beach in the area in my humble opinion and we now have an excellent opportunity to buy a fifteen year old detached house at a reasonable price just 200 yards from the beach. 460000 Euros with four bedrooms, large living room, kitchen, bathroom, toilet and large covered terraces. Opposite there will be a large park by next year and just down the road you have a Mercadona.

If there is one mildly annoying thing about the beach resorts around Valencia it is that in the summer they are full and in the winter they are empty. Therefore if you want to chill out and go away in the summer while getting a whopping rental on your property then this could be the one for you. Just 25 minutes from Valencia and 5 from Sagunto.

All in all an excellent place to buy.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Opportunity to buy a house with a working business

Have a look at the video and see whether you like this B+B with three guest suites, a three bedroom house with huge kitchen diner and a lovely pool with views towards the racetrack at Cheste and a good guest list returning next year for the Grand Prix. A large plot of almost 5000m2 of rustic land but well situated just twenty minutes from Valencia and 15 from the airport.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

We want E Mails

New Year and new start for many things within the company. We therefore want readers to get in touch and suggest how best we can help you in your move to Spain. The best suggestions will be published on this site and put into our list of services prior to and post sale. So if you have any needs that could be covered through Valencia Property on your potential move to Spain or you are already here and cannot find some service that you need then get in touch and we will see how we can help.

Some things we will be doing are;

We will be expanding our rental area greatly despite rentals being rather problematic normally. We will start a rental house blog with anything good that comes into us that we think will be quite good to stay in. We will move into shorter stay rentals and hope to offer the best quality rentals in the area.

We will be moving further inland in order to bring lower prices further away from Valencia but still within an hour's drive.

We have already started our move into the luxury end of the market and as we provide the most exhaustive pre, during and after sales treatment for you you won't find a better start to your time here whether it is for residency, holiday or inestment, we understand it all.

We believe that you cannot get a better deal anywhere from any estate or buyers' agent. Remember that we are the original English speaking estate agent in the area and most of the rest just try to copy (Most of them are our ex clients!)

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Kings Day

Today is Kings' Day in Spain, the day when children traditionally get presents. We went to the parade in Valencia yesterday and were showered by loads of sweets, balloons, crisps, footballs etc... perfect for making every kid there totally hyper and unable to sleep while expecting the kings' arrival.

Everything is closed today and then on Monday we are back to normal after all of the holidays of December and the start of the year.

Here is a video of the outside and garden of a house on the Portacoeli estate. 366000 Euros for a five bedroom place with a small kitchen that can be easily extended into what used to be a garage to make a huge kitchen diner with an open living room. Great possibilities and a good place to live.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Canal Nou Interview

Because we were featured in the New York Times with the positive slant on Valencia, Canal Nou decided it wanted to interview us about how Americans react to moving to Valencia. Short and to the point is my part of the video about 1.30 secs in but we don't get many Americans buying due to the obstacles put in frnt of them by Spanish red tape. When you are given a maximum one year stay unless you have the assistance of the America's Cup or NATO who have special dispensation it is difficult to be enthusiastic about buying.
They wanted to interview one of our American clients too but at this time of year they are all back in the old country, away skiing, on the last desperate search for presents for King's Day or a bit shy.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New York Times Feature on Valencia

We are featured in the New York Times today. All about luring Americans to Valencia. Obviously the majority of our clients are Europeans but quite a few Americans are starting to sit up and take notice.
Read the article here.



From later this week we will be starting to have short videos about houses that are on sale through You Tube embedded into the page. To start off with we will probably give short exterior views of places for you to enjoy. Below is an example of a house that we have, my own in fact, on sale at Euros. Here are two videos, the first an interior look at the living room and kitchen and the second a longer look around the plot and terraces.

Five bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen/diner/living area, spacious terraces, 831m2 plot and a good sized swimming pool with filter. Views to die for and totally new. If you like it and want to see more give me a ring on 0034 657994311.

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