Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Want a house near the beach?

Canet de Berenguer has the nicest beach in the area in my humble opinion and we now have an excellent opportunity to buy a fifteen year old detached house at a reasonable price just 200 yards from the beach. 460000 Euros with four bedrooms, large living room, kitchen, bathroom, toilet and large covered terraces. Opposite there will be a large park by next year and just down the road you have a Mercadona.

If there is one mildly annoying thing about the beach resorts around Valencia it is that in the summer they are full and in the winter they are empty. Therefore if you want to chill out and go away in the summer while getting a whopping rental on your property then this could be the one for you. Just 25 minutes from Valencia and 5 from Sagunto.

All in all an excellent place to buy.

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