Sunday, January 07, 2007

We want E Mails

New Year and new start for many things within the company. We therefore want readers to get in touch and suggest how best we can help you in your move to Spain. The best suggestions will be published on this site and put into our list of services prior to and post sale. So if you have any needs that could be covered through Valencia Property on your potential move to Spain or you are already here and cannot find some service that you need then get in touch and we will see how we can help.

Some things we will be doing are;

We will be expanding our rental area greatly despite rentals being rather problematic normally. We will start a rental house blog with anything good that comes into us that we think will be quite good to stay in. We will move into shorter stay rentals and hope to offer the best quality rentals in the area.

We will be moving further inland in order to bring lower prices further away from Valencia but still within an hour's drive.

We have already started our move into the luxury end of the market and as we provide the most exhaustive pre, during and after sales treatment for you you won't find a better start to your time here whether it is for residency, holiday or inestment, we understand it all.

We believe that you cannot get a better deal anywhere from any estate or buyers' agent. Remember that we are the original English speaking estate agent in the area and most of the rest just try to copy (Most of them are our ex clients!)

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