Sunday, February 25, 2007

Be Careful Out There

If you have a house in Valencia and want to sell to move on, trade up or down or just get a valuation, be careful. We have heard that one of our supposed competitors has been giving really low valuations recently and then suddenly turning up with a buyer the next day. It turns out they are trying to buy property on the cheap themselves from "motivated sellers" to then sell it on at a much higher price if they can. No names as usual but if you are thinking of selling just keep an eye out. Get a range of valuations from various agents, specialists in the local town iself are usually pretty reliable, to give yourself more of an idea of what the market value might really be and then if you are really motivated to sell for whatever reason put the house at a reasonable price not the telephone number pipedream that you may hope. You might just sell very quickly.

America's Cup Time

The big yachting event is now close to getting underway. After four years of preparation and sparring the real event starts next month. Another Sunday Times article gives the lowdown on what is going down and a few good places to eat here.

I was down by the Port on Friday and every week it becomes more of a great place. More bars, more restaurants and less of a feel of unfinished business even though it won't be fully finished for a few years yet. The new transport links down to the beach and port are more reliable now, the Aqua and Corte Ingles shopping areas have made the local area less isolated and the beach had a load of sunbathers there on Friday as the thermometer touched 23 degrees, not bad for February.

Grab yourself a bit of Valencia.

There is another article too in the Sunday Times today about what they consider to be the best restaurants in Spain. They name the Casa Salvador in Cullera as the best paella restaurant and I have been told it is good before but personally I would go for the Raco de la Olla in El Palmar in the Albufera just south of Valencia. Great food, perfect setting and good wines too.
See the article here.

and spot the not real America's Cup image

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Or a B+B in Torres Torres

If you fancy a high class B+B to run as your own and also to live in a bit of a mansion then try this house. Set on a hilltop estate near to Torres Torres this house has 10 bedrooms of which 5 are en suite guest bedrooms leading out onto a nice covered terrace overlooking the pool.

The main house has five bedrooms and two bathrooms with a large living room, kitchen, terraces and lots of storage in the garage.

Check out the photos and videos attached.

525000 Euros will get you this and let's face it you could also just live in it because if you have an extended family or lots of friends who come to stay it may suit you down to the ground.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Fancy an Olocau B+B?

We have taken on the possibility of buying a working B+B or guest house as it consists of two houses on a single plot (Permission would be given to separate the plots into two single plots by the council) The main house has four bedrooms although one is currently used as a dining room, kitchen, two bathrooms, living room and hall. The other house has a self contained living room/kitchenette, two bedrooms, bathroom and utility room. It has its own terrace too. On the grounds there are various areas of well tended garden and a nice raised pool with an excellent sun terrace. Satellite TV, Broadband internet, mains electric and water, all in all a good buy for 330,000 Euros

Have a look at the photos and the videos attached.

Two of the videos are about a minute each but give a decent overview and the other is shorter but allows a view from the back and the tended gardens.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Schools in Valencia Again

Tomorrow I will be meeting a client at the British School in Alzira to show her the areas she might like to live around Valencia. However her options are limited due to the age of her daughter, 4. The British school in Alzira is the only International School with a place for her daughter. Caxton College, Cambridge House, Los Olivos, El Plantio and the British School of Valencia are all full.

A couple of years ago we had an investor to buy a school and open one up and we even had the facility ready until the governors decided to raise the price at the last moment. However, the opportunity is still there evidently. There are no spaces available in early years for children coming into the area so if you are thinking of coming here to live with children then make sure that their education is thought out. We often suggest that younger children should go into the Spanish state or subsidised sector anyway and we have plenty of clients whose children are totally bilingual happily enjoying the state sector after a year here. Think about it because if you intend to stay long term why put them into UK education?

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