Sunday, February 25, 2007

America's Cup Time

The big yachting event is now close to getting underway. After four years of preparation and sparring the real event starts next month. Another Sunday Times article gives the lowdown on what is going down and a few good places to eat here.

I was down by the Port on Friday and every week it becomes more of a great place. More bars, more restaurants and less of a feel of unfinished business even though it won't be fully finished for a few years yet. The new transport links down to the beach and port are more reliable now, the Aqua and Corte Ingles shopping areas have made the local area less isolated and the beach had a load of sunbathers there on Friday as the thermometer touched 23 degrees, not bad for February.

Grab yourself a bit of Valencia.

There is another article too in the Sunday Times today about what they consider to be the best restaurants in Spain. They name the Casa Salvador in Cullera as the best paella restaurant and I have been told it is good before but personally I would go for the Raco de la Olla in El Palmar in the Albufera just south of Valencia. Great food, perfect setting and good wines too.
See the article here.

and spot the not real America's Cup image

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