Sunday, February 25, 2007

Be Careful Out There

If you have a house in Valencia and want to sell to move on, trade up or down or just get a valuation, be careful. We have heard that one of our supposed competitors has been giving really low valuations recently and then suddenly turning up with a buyer the next day. It turns out they are trying to buy property on the cheap themselves from "motivated sellers" to then sell it on at a much higher price if they can. No names as usual but if you are thinking of selling just keep an eye out. Get a range of valuations from various agents, specialists in the local town iself are usually pretty reliable, to give yourself more of an idea of what the market value might really be and then if you are really motivated to sell for whatever reason put the house at a reasonable price not the telephone number pipedream that you may hope. You might just sell very quickly.

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