Monday, February 12, 2007

Schools in Valencia Again

Tomorrow I will be meeting a client at the British School in Alzira to show her the areas she might like to live around Valencia. However her options are limited due to the age of her daughter, 4. The British school in Alzira is the only International School with a place for her daughter. Caxton College, Cambridge House, Los Olivos, El Plantio and the British School of Valencia are all full.

A couple of years ago we had an investor to buy a school and open one up and we even had the facility ready until the governors decided to raise the price at the last moment. However, the opportunity is still there evidently. There are no spaces available in early years for children coming into the area so if you are thinking of coming here to live with children then make sure that their education is thought out. We often suggest that younger children should go into the Spanish state or subsidised sector anyway and we have plenty of clients whose children are totally bilingual happily enjoying the state sector after a year here. Think about it because if you intend to stay long term why put them into UK education?

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