Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Some More Video

Here are some pics that we took today and a video. The video was taken this morning when finally we got some sunshine after a week of cloud and rain. The house photos were taken this afternoon and it is a bit of a shame because the clouds had rolled in and the fantastic views from this house were made a lot greyer.

The videos are of the garden and living room of a house in La Pobla at 290,000 Euros. Excellent place to live surrounded by great facilities and just fifteen mins from Valencia on a good traffic day. Four bedrooms upstairs, a spare room downstairs, living room, kitchen, two bathrooms, toilet and garage along with covered terraces and a shared garden with large pool and friendly neighbours.

The pictures below are of the house in Catadau. The price of 400,000 includes the finishing of the house and surrounding walls and there are options to have a pool if required. The kitchen and the living room are huge and very well presented. There are four bedrooms although one would be better suited to being an office. However the office could go in the kitchen because it is huge. The views are spectacular all the way to Cullera to the south and Valencia to the north east.

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