Monday, September 25, 2006

Market Conditions

If you are sick and tired of the UK and want to move out here you may find that now is a very good time. We have been following the exchange rates very closely over the last few weeks as they edge towards favourability at 1.48 or around there. Now that Moneycorp transfers will offer you this rate and there is an agreement between them and the banks over here not to charge for receiving the money (Moneycorp will refund any charges made by the receiving bank) you should get much better value for your money transferring in this way. Many buyers are reducing their prices somewhat after the summer holidays at their houses as interest rates have risen and therefore people think that they cannot be bothered paying out for a second home. We have a large database of properties that we are waiting to photograph and our website is full of the latest properties we have taken and many that have been on sale for some time.
All in all a buyers' market if you are coming from the UK with sterling.
(For more info on Moneycorp services here get in touch with Kevin Wright the rep for the company in this area on 966400597)

Friday, September 22, 2006


I was out taking photos today of some excellent houses for the mid range buyer. Some photos are included here. The prices ranged from 288-360000 Euros. Also I took some photos of a good place for rent in Lliria with the best wet room I have yet seen. Wet rooms haven't seemed to arrive in Valencia yet but have a look at the tiling on this one!

Sunday, September 17, 2006


We seem to be finding a sudden glut of people wanting rental accomodation for a year or three. There is an influx of personnel to the NATO base and a lot of new people turning up for the America's Cup or just to spend a year studying in Valencia. Therefore we have been compiling a database of rental possibilities and now we have a good enough selection to satisfy most of the requets we get.
Valencia continues to be excellent value for rentals as prices do not reflect the property prices themselves. Here a a couple of photographs of example rental properties that we have from 700 Euros up to 1800 Euros.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Busy Week Again

A couple of completions, clients from the USA, Valencia, The UK, Switzerland and Hanoi in this week. Haven't we got an international outlook in Valencia Property? The more I get involved in the company again after the hiatus of the birth of the latest addition to the family the busier we get. We are getting to the stage of a couple of years ago for amounts of work to be done which is good in one sense but that's a lot of work. We will not complain though!
We have a lot of new properties both on the main site and also ready to go on after taking photos in the last week or so. We have a database of ninety properties that we need to go and take photos of too so if you are looking for properties in certain areas then we may have it even though it is not on the main site yet. Remember you can keep an eye on our latest properties and sold properties on Kyero at the link and we are now loading things onto un vistazo in Spanish too. To find our properties there just click on the link. More will be added bit by bit.

The photo is of a new property for us in Turis at 330000 Euros as always direct from the owner and she said there was a little room for negotiation but she was in no hurry. They always say that!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Compare and Contrast

Here we have a really nice chalet in the area of Godelleta. We have it at 234000 Euros, the price the owner wants, at the following web address. OUR WEB
Compare that with where I found it today. HERE
Where the price is a full 10% higher.
Can somebody please explain why it is necessary to add 10% in this way? This is further confirmation of what we always say. Do your homework before coming over and Valencia Property will always have the houses cheaper than anybody else or at worst at the same price but with a better service we believe.

STOP PRESS I have just found another one but even better, We have the chalet shown in the link here at 160000 Euros. HAVE A GOOD LOOK AT THE LINK AND ASK YOURSELF HOW A RISE OF 46000 ON THE PRICE THE OWNER WANTS IS JUSTIFIED HERE

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