Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Busy Week Again

A couple of completions, clients from the USA, Valencia, The UK, Switzerland and Hanoi in this week. Haven't we got an international outlook in Valencia Property? The more I get involved in the company again after the hiatus of the birth of the latest addition to the family the busier we get. We are getting to the stage of a couple of years ago for amounts of work to be done which is good in one sense but that's a lot of work. We will not complain though!
We have a lot of new properties both on the main site www.valencia-property.com and also ready to go on after taking photos in the last week or so. We have a database of ninety properties that we need to go and take photos of too so if you are looking for properties in certain areas then we may have it even though it is not on the main site yet. Remember you can keep an eye on our latest properties and sold properties on Kyero at the link and we are now loading things onto un vistazo in Spanish too. To find our properties there just click on the link. More will be added bit by bit.

The photo is of a new property for us in Turis at 330000 Euros as always direct from the owner and she said there was a little room for negotiation but she was in no hurry. They always say that!

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