Friday, September 01, 2006

Compare and Contrast

Here we have a really nice chalet in the area of Godelleta. We have it at 234000 Euros, the price the owner wants, at the following web address. OUR WEB
Compare that with where I found it today. HERE
Where the price is a full 10% higher.
Can somebody please explain why it is necessary to add 10% in this way? This is further confirmation of what we always say. Do your homework before coming over and Valencia Property will always have the houses cheaper than anybody else or at worst at the same price but with a better service we believe.

STOP PRESS I have just found another one but even better, We have the chalet shown in the link here at 160000 Euros. HAVE A GOOD LOOK AT THE LINK AND ASK YOURSELF HOW A RISE OF 46000 ON THE PRICE THE OWNER WANTS IS JUSTIFIED HERE

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