Monday, September 25, 2006

Market Conditions

If you are sick and tired of the UK and want to move out here you may find that now is a very good time. We have been following the exchange rates very closely over the last few weeks as they edge towards favourability at 1.48 or around there. Now that Moneycorp transfers will offer you this rate and there is an agreement between them and the banks over here not to charge for receiving the money (Moneycorp will refund any charges made by the receiving bank) you should get much better value for your money transferring in this way. Many buyers are reducing their prices somewhat after the summer holidays at their houses as interest rates have risen and therefore people think that they cannot be bothered paying out for a second home. We have a large database of properties that we are waiting to photograph and our website is full of the latest properties we have taken and many that have been on sale for some time.
All in all a buyers' market if you are coming from the UK with sterling.
(For more info on Moneycorp services here get in touch with Kevin Wright the rep for the company in this area on 966400597)

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