Sunday, August 15, 2010

Food In Spain. Tip Number 27 Of Our 100 Tips For Moving To Spain | Houses for Sale in Spain

My latest article and videos about food in Spain. What you should be thinking about and looking out for. 

Tip number 27 of out 100 tips for moving to Spain talks about food and how you should explore the tastes of Spain when you come over here. If you stick to your normal diet then food becomes a lot more expensive. Fresh food tends to be cheaper here but processed food is quite a bit more expensive. I have included two videos today, the first is the tip and the second is one I made last year that talks about the price of fruit and veg in Spain.

However there are various things to think about when planning what to eat in Spain. Is the fruit and veg in season? If it is then it is likely to be very cheap. Have you learnt to cook Spanish style? That might mean learning to become an expert barbecue chef and looking at how to clean a paella pan after finishing a huge paella. What types of condiments and spices will you need? The Spanish don’t do spicy foods in general, they are not Mexican, so preparing a vindaloo for your Spanish friends might not be the best idea in the world.

Pinchos, tapas, entrepanes, marisco, bocadillos, refritos, tentenpies, pollo asado and more are just some of the words you will need to learn too. So get learning now, see tip 12 on learning the language.

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