Monday, May 08, 2006

Sunday Times and Telegraph

The area to the north of Valencia, the Costa del Azahar was featured in the Sunday Times yesterday just as it was in the Telegraph a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately for the researchers on the paper of the four featured properties in the Sunday Times only two were really on the Costa Del Azahar. Nevertheless the article made some very good points and continues the trend to feature Valencia positively in the National Press in the UK and on the TV too with Valencia featured in A Place in The Sun a couple of weeks ago and recommended as the fourth best place to buy in the World by a certain Ms Lamb as mentioned below.
It's good to see a very positive spin on Valencia recently because in the past when the dreaded LRAU law existed people were wary of buying here when really there was not much to worry about if homework was done for you and you did your own investigation.
We are currently extending our range into the area North of Sagunto in order to take into account this very pretty yet rather underdeveloped coast. However we will never promote the ridiculous and rampant expansion that is the Marina D'Or development!

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