Monday, May 08, 2006

A Typical Working Day

Just a few things today to show what we spend our lives doing at
Today being a Monday is generally the busiest day of the week as things build up over the weekend so we sort them on Monday. The last three Mondays have been holidays, Easter, San Vicente and Mayday (OK for some I hear you say) but today it was back to normal.
I had meetings this morning about three mortgages that we are arranging and one mortgage in Estepona was completed, ie signed, sealed and delivered. We arranged valuations tomorrow for another and we are awaiting the final offer on two others. I also had meetings in Valencia with lawyers representing our clients and insurance companies that insure our clients' properties.
Both Tim and Diana were with clients with widely differing requirements, one wanting a good class of chalet and another wanting a flat in Valencia. All of our photographers were out taking pictures of properties that will soon be loaded onto our web and the office was sorting out problems with Telefonica for people (as usual), organising visits for clients for later this week, fielding calls from clients needing help with schools, cars and other purchases and translations and liaising with banks with the fax to send P60's, payslips and other info for clients. We were also making sure from the office that we all knew what each of us was doing!
Of course I had a break to watch Sven's ridiculous squad selection for the World Cup and then we started talking to clients due to arrive soon about their requirements. I glanced at a few of our competitors websites just to check and was pleased to find that as usual we have our houses at much cheaper prices than others, usually between 6-12000 Euros cheaper because we don't charge the seller anything and therefore don't add 3% onto the price. If we notice anything more expensive we immediately get in touch with the owner and find out why. Then we can generally reduce it to below anyone else's price.
It is now half past five and I need to get out to see some clients who bought from us some time ago to make sure that everything is OK.
I hope this gives you an idea of the hectic schedule that we have here.

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