Thursday, May 18, 2006

Be Careful Out There

Sal will be helping out a client in the Guardia Civil tomorrow morning after he was robbed today by a policeman, supposedly. Driving down to his house, he was just north of Madrid when he was forced off the road by a police type car, with the passenger of this showing his identification. The car parked in front, a guy dressed as a policeman got out and showed credentials. He claimed that our client had paid at the garage using false notes and asked to see his money. He then insisted on searching the bag of the man's wife and also looked in other bags in the car before going to consult his colleague and hightailing it out of there. Then our client falls for it and realises he is a lot poorer for the experience.
This is happening a lot to foreign registered cars in central Spain so the police recommend the following.
Never get out of the car until you are sure of identification
Lock the car doors.
Wait for the police, in a marked police car, to arrive.
Make an emergency call if necessary.

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