Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Local Tradespeople

We have often been asked by our clients to recommend local tradespeople, Spanish or English, to do jobs and we happily do so. We don’t do it for a backhander, we do it as a service but some people prefer to try and stand on their own two feet.

Unfortunately some of those that we do not recommend tend to con people out of money and then do a runner. Such is the case of one of our clients whose so called builder took 18000 Euros for an extension, promising planning permission through a local architect, took an extra 2500 Euros to pay the architect, who never received a penny, and took the roof off the house before leaving it open to the elements in October last year, the rainy season here by the way. The inside damage is around 10000 Euros. It turns out that another company are finishing the job for 18000 Euros, our hero’s original quote was for 36000 Euros so our client will only be out of pocket for the extra architect’s fees and a fine from the council for building illegally although they were wanting to do it legally.

Well it turns out that our hero has also botched a job for a large disco in Valencia and the insurance company are suing him. If you are thinking of having some work done don’t employ this cowboy. (And just in case he changes his sobriquet, he is half Welsh, half Spanish and works from Betera and if you phone us to verify we will tell you his name in case you are worried)

Some people say that recommendations from estate agencies are flawed because they have agreements with tradespeople to pay a commission. If you believe this fine but please get at least three recommendations from people that have had work done by the person or company concerned before committing hard earned cash to projects. We have experience of many tradespeople and we generally know who the reputable companies are so ask for help.

All The Best
The VP Team

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