Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Au Revoir Sal

All of us at Valencia Property would like to say a big thankyou and good luck in the future to Sal, our genius secretary who is leaving us because of family reasons. I am sure there are plenty of clients who would like to thank Sal for all of her help and any mails sent to her old mail address, will be passed on.
This now leaves us rather short handed over the next few months until our new secretary arrives in September. Therefore please bear with us during this time. It does mean however that all of the little extra jobs that Sal did free for people such as translating at schools, dealing with Telefónica constantly, even reporting a theft near Madrid at the local Guardia Civil for a whole morning etc... cannot now be covered from our workforce as we are just too busy. We will from now on recommend translators to accompany you and professionals for certain services that we previously did but obviously they will have charges. Our free included services are still spelt out on the back of our promotional folders that you receive on arriving and looking at houses with us.
Good luck in the future Sal and you know you are welcome back at any time.

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