Friday, June 02, 2006

Formula One in Valencia

Bernie Ecclestone visited a couple of weeks ago to look at the racetrack at Cheste and see if it was OK for Formula One. It seems that he decided that it was but he still wouldn't have the race there, he would have it around the port, avenida de Francia and Science Park in order to promote what he described as the "hidden jewel" that is Valencia. Apparently he was so impressed that he said it would be better than Montecarlo. It looks as if the circuit will be 4300m long and pass by the new Marina and beachfront as well as the science museum. All seems set to go for 2008 replacing the European Grand Prix in Germany. We shall see but again it looks like big events in Valencia will increase the exposure of the area giving another push to prices and it would seem to be good news for investors in the city above all.

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