Thursday, June 15, 2006

Updates and the World Cup

Obviously updates have been thin on the ground recently. Let's blame a couple of factors, being very busy and the World Cup.
We were preparing a couple of signings for last Friday which finally went through at the same time although one of them meant four hours of tension in the Notary's office and we have had quite a lot of visits and new properties coming in. I 8Graham) seem to spend much too much time in front of the computer updating files and databases since Sal had to leave us so I cannot wait for September.
As for the World Cup, it's the world upside down. Every day it has been hotter in Germany than in Valencia which just doesn't seem right to me. The last World Cup in Germany in 74 was characterised by rain, rain and more rain and the unusual sight of Aussies playing football. This time the Aussies are there again but the rain at the moment has deserted the planet. Global warming strikes again.

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