Monday, June 29, 2009

Contact Details and Related Sites

Sometimes you need a little recap on how to get in touch with us and what we can do for you. We have so many ways to keep in touch with the Valencian and Spanish property market and I thought I would just let you know here. So here are the various ways to keep in touch. Make sure to subscribe, sign up or become a friend at all of these sites and you will not miss a thing.

Facebook: You can go to our Valencia Property Facebook page and become a fan. This will aggregate all entries into various other sites and you can keep up to date with Valencia news. As soon as we hit 25 fans there I will change the page address and update you

You Tube: Our video page has just got a new look and this is where we upload many of our videos about life in Spain and houses for sale in Spain. Subscribe to the feed and you will not miss any.

Google Reader Feed: Not necessarily us but news from Spain we find interesting. We generally put up four or five stories a day which include news, blogs, events and tweets.

Twitter: Personally you can follow me and my life at @grahunt on Twitter. The new company account concentrating on property news is @valprop. If you don't have a Twitter account then go here to get one. Think Facebook a few years ago.

Valencia Comment: Our other blog(On Wordpress) which concentrates more on Spanish property news and lifestyle.

Signup: Go to this blog or the Houses for Sale in Spain Blog and you will get a pop up with the opportunity to sign up to our mailing list. Do it. You will then get important news as it comes up and the best opportunities pointed out to you.

Devanio: This blog will be developing over time and is a coverall for all of my activities in Spain. Business ops, internet news, social media news and loads more opportunities are there.

Mail: You can email us on and you will have an answer very quickly.

Phone: Yes this still exists and you can get in touch with us on +34 961662892.

Post: If you really like the old methods of getting in touch then send us a letter to the office at Valencia Property, C/ Valencia 57, 46185, La Pobla de Vallbona, Valencia, Spain.

Why would you want to keep in touch? Well a few examples.

  • One client was watching a property and noticed it had been reduced in price considerably. He immediately put an offer in and was able to secure it at a price well below market value. A good job because in the two days following there were eight other serious enquiries at this price.

  • Another client was able to secure a great rate on money transfer as they found on Twitter a movement in currency that only lasted a day. The transfer was worth almost 2000 pounds more for them compared with doing it a day later.

  • Clients already here have been to events in Valencia due to keeping an eye on our feed of Valencia news.

  • Other clients found that the definitive list of Spanish Twitterers was very useful as it has put them in touch with people giving them the services they need and given them some great information along the way.

So sign up and things and you will find that you are much better informed. Also if you have an RSS feed reader you will also find feeds at all of the sites to sign up there. I appreciate your interest.

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