Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Telemarketing in Spain

Why are Spanish telemarketing companies so awful? Spain used to be a paradise for those of us sick of receiving offers for double glazing in the UK from faceless companies. However there are now loads of companies phoning innocent victims, me, up every day with pointless offers. Now seriously I know the people working there have to earn a crust and unemployment is very high but just a few things to bear in mind when you ring me if you want to have a hope of selling me something.
1) When YOU ring ME don't immediately put me on hold. You will get hung up on
2) Don't tell me the offer is for businesses in La Pobla de Vallbona (Where I live) It's a lie, I know it, you know it and the phone, which is just about to be hung up, knows it.
3) Don't tell me you can get me great ratings on the first page of Google. So can I as long as the search term keyword is "Small transylvanian squirrels eat large ghetto" I will hang up
4) Don't mention the words Movistar, Telefonica or orange. I will hang up.
5) Ask for me by name or my business. Do not ask for one of my clients from years ago as you have been for a couple of years now and each time I have told you to get my number off that database. You still haven't done it therefore guess what will happen. I will hang up again.
6) NO You cannot arrange to come and see me at your convenience I am very busy and even if I weren't I will still hang up.
7) Securitas Direct! I bloody well represent you so stop ringing me up as if you don't know me from Adam.

Do you get the idea?
I just wish the telemarketing companies did and I had the gall to pretend not to speak Spanish.
What are your experiences with telemarketing?

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