Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Our Current Position

Welcome once more to the Valencia Property newsletter. (We put it on the blog this time) We only send this out irregularly as it was taken over by the blog you are looking at but today I wanted to indicate to you the latest changes to our site and possibilities.

By now you will have seen that we are here for the long term. Journalists researching stories about Valencia and the Spanish property market come to us. We are considered the authority on this area by many journalists in the national press in the UK and we have also been interviewed on local television here whenever they need a foreign perspective. We have worked with various TV shows in the UK and rejected the chance to work with others because they give a false view of what is available, yes you "A Place in the Sun" stand up.

So now we have started increasing our reach, giving you other opportunities within Spain itself and also internationally. Check out our international property page at this link. It is a work in progress but already there are fantastic investment opportunities here and more will follow. One of the developers that we work with also have investment products that give excellent returns. They are a UK based PLC and supported by one of the most respected lawyers in the UK.

We now work with Polaris World within Spain and very soon all of their properties in Murcia will be available on our website. This is after looking into many different developments around Murcia and Almeria and discarding most because of quality issues, lack of building licences or just a feeling. We will continue to look into what is available but will retain quality control at all times. Our off plan developments within and outside Valencia are ready to put on the site, we are working with Bancaja one of the most respected banks in the country, but we don't have the time to get them there yet so ask us what we have on graham@valencia-property.com

We have a new finance scheme that will allow you to release equity on a property you are selling right now, allow you to buy a property before selling your current place, invest in equity on properties with low leverage, refinance your current property or release equity and bring in a residual income. Ask us how especially if you are currently selling a place and need to get some money in now for whatever reason. We understand each person's situation is different and can respond well to your needs.

We have a rentals page that is vibrant and high quality as we work with companies on finding properties for their executives giving the owner a reliable tenant and the tenant a reliable house.

We will soon have a business opportunity page with projects, requests, business sales and purchase opportunities and other things.

Our sister company Devanio acts as a conduit for exclusive properties and markets clients' properties to over 100 agents and through our PA in India splashes those properties all over the internet in order to increase the exposure given to those properties.

Now I want you to do one thing. If you want news of reduced properties, new properties that come onto the site, business ops or international investment ops then fill in the following and send it back to us at sal@valencia-property.com and as these things happen we will immediately send them out to you.

Primary E-Mail Address
What you are looking for?
Do you want your free ebook?

As things come in that should be interesting to you then we will send them out to you and you will have first access to them before people discover them on the web. (By the way, the free ebook is all about investing in property in Spain, with emphasis on Valencia, and contains more useful information than you will ever find on any website in this region. It was written by myself earlier this year and is very current)

As you can see we are moving forward rapidly. There is nobody better for you to work with when you are buying, renting, working or living in Valencia. Get in touch with your needs and we will work together to find you your perfect opportunity here and get you started in living the Spanish dream or international property dream correctly.

Bye for now.

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