Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The America's Cup May Well be Off

Two huge egos, two massive fortunes and an argument of "My dad is bigger than your dad etc..." means that the next America's Cup in Valencia may not be in 2009, may not be in Valencia and may not even happen in normal boats, catamarans being the preferred option of the Oracle team I will keep you informed as things develop but it looks like the only way it will be in Valencia in 2009 is if the American judge rules in favour of the Swiss in a New York court instead of the American challenge. Fat chance maybe but the judge will probably want it sorted before he goes away for Thanksgiving this weekend.

Keep your fingers crossed that Alinghi win but even then it may not happen in 2009 because loose tongues in the Spanish press suggest that they are doing everything possible to delay as they haven't got any sponsors and therefore could not moneterize the event in 2009. 2010 may well be out as they would coincide with a small event called the World Cup. Therefore does 2001 ring anyone's bell?

Accompanying picture is of a boat of course!!!!! Maybe the Oracle team would like to try and fit their team on this!

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