Thursday, January 26, 2006

Amazing Price Rises

It has just been revealed that, against all predictions at the start of 2005, there was not a slacking off in the price rises in second hand flats in Valencia. 2004 registered an average price rise of 25% whereas this past year that figure was 34%. In certain areas, such as Fuente de San Luis, prices have now risen by an average of 110% over the last two years. The average flat in Valencia is now around 2400 Euros per square metre. The old town, El Camren is the most expensive part of the city with prices currently averaging 3411 Euros per square metre. Obviously the prices are still much lower than Madrid or Barcelona but as Valencia grows in importance and communications improve, price differentials are reducing.
ps. The house pictured is for sale 4 bedrooms, two bathrooms, huge through lounge and a great pool -only 353,000 euros.

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