Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Beautyfying La Pobla de Vallbona

Politics is a strange game, especially when members of one party form their own independent movement because they are sick and tired of the corruption in the party they have left. This has happened recently in La Pobla and now there is a huge war of words between the PP (In power in it’s various forms from 1973 until last year) and the independents who left. The independents joined with the PSOE and UV to outvote the PP and get rid of the Mayor (And the last remaining bust of Franco in the region!) and they are now trying to justify their existence with a programme of public building works which although not pharoahonic should make La Pobla a much better place to move about in.

The main road is being relaid with new wider pavements, the park is being revamped, the roundabouts at the entrances to the town landscaped and letters have been sent out to owners of any particular eyesores to smarten them up or clean the plots on pain of receiving a fine. Most of the building plots within the town are now showing activity and the municipality is showing interest in increasing the activities available for young people. There is a new youth club for kids between 14 and 19 years old and they are organising a huge number of activities including camps and fully blown holidays. They have also stopped the building on all of the illegal projects authorised by the previous council leaders.

It should be fun for the near future around here!

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