Wednesday, January 11, 2006

New lanes on The Pista de Ademuz and more...

The CV-35, also known as the Pista de Ademuz, is the road out of Valencia to the north-west. It takes you into the Vall de Turia and past many of the towns that form the area where most of our houses are situated. First opened in 1992, the effects have been amazing from the point of view of demographics.
People have moved in to these towns and villages to get out of the city as it now takes only twenty minutes into Valencia from Lliria and fifteen from La Pobla de Vallbona and La Eliana.. In the 13 years since the dual carriageway opened The Camp de Turia as a whole has increased its population by 64%, with the population of La Pobla rising by just over 100% to 17000. In Lliria the situation is similar and La Eliana has risen from 15000 to 22000 people (it cannot grow any more currently, due to a lack of building land). There are many new development plans in place for the area now and this will lead to an increase in population up to the year 2020 which is expected to bring the population of Lliria up to 75000 and La Pobla to 64000.

However, this is not the end of the story. Now the road is to be widened from Valencia to Lliria to have three lanes, and extended to Losa del Obispo with two lanes bringing these areas into a more reasonable driving time to and from Valencia and bringing economic advantages to the areas. Losa del Obispo, for example, is currently a town of 700 inhabitants some 50 minutes from Valencia and the new PAI (Development Plan) for the town will make 500 new chalets and a new trading and industrial estate bringing jobs to the town, reducing rural depopulation and increasing the population to around 2200. The road should bring down the time to get to Valencia by between ten and fifteen minutes.

When you include all of the golf courses, the new artificial Ski centre to be constructed at Lliria and the new developments it looks like a bright future for businesses based in the area and exciting times for all who live here.

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