Friday, January 13, 2006

How we work

Today we were asked to value a house for a client of ours who is moving back to the UK for family reasons. They bought from us two years ago so we know the value of the land and everything about the house. We gave a true market valuation of 195000 Euros. It turns out that they had had two agents round to value the place and one had valued it at 225000 Euros and the other said well if they are putting it on at that price so will we. At Valencia Property we work for the buyer and could not justify taking clients round to a house overvalued by 30000 Euros in our opinion. Our years of experience mean that we know the market.
Having said that the other companies may find that they can sell the house at that price to somebody who leaves their brain at the airport but we don’t think that this somebody would be very happy if they then found out that they could have saved themselves 35000 by buying through us. Shop around when you buy a house. We currently have a house at 335000 Euros in Olocau which is on a site of an agent from Javea at 359000 Euros and they didn’t even have the decency to write their own description, they copied ours and changed two words, or even visit the place, the photos were sent to them by the owner. 24000 Euros extra for their “professionalism” is a tad expensive.

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