Thursday, March 29, 2007

Buying Property in Spain - The Definitive and Quick Guide

I have produced a book about the buying process in Spain and the steps you need to take. It is a more or less definitive guide to buying in Spain. You can buy it using the button here. Also if you have any questions after reading it then you can ask us through this blog site.

It costs 2.99 Pounds and can be paid for using Paypal or your credit card securely at the Paypal site. Well worth a look as this book could save you thousands.

Alternatively if you want to buy it through your eBay account then look at the fixed price auction page and get it from there.
eBay auction

Chapter Headings as Follows

· Introduction

· What reasons are there for living in Spain?

· What to expect on the ground.

· Living or Investing?

· Estate Agents

· Private Sales

· Lawyers and Powers of Attorney

· The Visit

· Getting a Mortgage and How a Bank Can Help You

· Why buy to let is not the best idea

· The Role of The Notary

· Costs on Sale. How much will my house cost me really?

· Commissions

· Aftersales Service and Work Needed to Complete Post Sale

· Now What?

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