Friday, March 09, 2007

Valencia Property Charity Work

Over the past three years Valencia Property has made many donations to the school in Cameroon set up by Judith Burnett. We provided 15000 Euros for them to put electricity in the village and 3% of all income has been donated to the charity that oversees the work done in Gouria which has allowed them to help in building new classrooms and expand the school. See the website here. It is due to be updated and made more dynamic with the very latest news soon.

At the moment Dave Wilkins is delivering a Land Rover to the town overland through the Sahara. He arrived last week. His website for this trip is not up yet but his first visit to Gouria is described here

Now we want to help much more. From this point onwards 5% of all commissions earnt by Valencia Property SL will go to the charity and we want to encourage people who buy property through us to join the fundraising in some way, whether that be to sponsor a child, donate time, equipment or money to the project or help in any other way through the giving of services or offfering help. The rewards are immense and the happiness spread in Gouria cannot be measured.

Our next step will be to look into opening up a charitable foundation to fundraise for causes that we believe to be important at home and abroad. Our goal is to create the foundation this year and really help out those who need it much more than us.

If you want to help out then get in touch with and she will direct you to how it can be done.

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