Monday, March 05, 2007

Grab Yourself a Bargain

170,000 Euros for this place and yes it does have electricity, it does have water and it even has a phone line. There are three bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, large living/dining area and an outhouse garage and storeroom with an old raised pool attached which could be converted very easily.

It has a totally new pool at ground level that needs finishing off as the builders left it unfinished. The tiling needs to be done and little else, total cost around 2-3000 Euros to finish off and tidy up the plot a bit.

Five minutes from Lliria and just a couple away from the new hospital which is being developed, especially useful if you are rather accident prone, this place is an urgent sale and you will have to hurry. The owners have already accepted an offer which depends on mortgage. As you may know if you follow how to buy properties in Spain nothing is sold until the deposit is down so if you get the deposit down quick you have yourself a bargain.

Why are we offering it if there is an offer? The offer is not from one of our clients!

Check out the videos.

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