Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Can you help these people out and make yourself money? Investors wanted.

This huge 270m2 house for sale in the town of Betera is an opportunity for someone to buy as an investment because there are two ways to buy this but you have to be quick.

The normal way is at the normal price of 270000 Euros (ONO) You get a six bedroom house on four floors, with garage, bodega, large kitchen, two living rooms and a large terrace with views towards the mountains. It is in the centre of town with all facilities to hand.

However here is the kicker.

The family are just about to have this repossessed by the bank for the trifling sum of 137000 Euros, when compared with value. Someone at the bank has their eye on it of course at that price so we are looking to help someone  avoid repossesion, have a sitting tenant paying rent and at the same time make you money. 

The owners are willing to sell at 150000 Euros with an option to purchase within two years at 10% per annum return on your money. ie your total investment not just the 150k. This would be made up of 4% return on investment through renting the property back to them and 6% per annum interest earnt on the money lent apart from that. If they do not take up the option, or cannot take it up, then you get them out of the property and you keep the house for 150k. (It was valued in February this year by the bank at 365000 Euros. If they buy it back off you you would earn a minimum of 20% on top of original investment.

Any takers?

If so, deposit of 20000 Euros would be needed by two weeks time at the latest but preferably sooner.

For more details mail me or as this is urgent phone me
+34 961662892

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