Saturday, October 30, 2010

Article: From Madrid by AVE

From Madrid by AVE

Well worth a good look for days out from Madrid.

From Madrid by AVE

Jeanine Barone uses Madrid’s excellent rail network to explore eight of the nation’s most impressive sights.

When I’m battling Madrid’s car-choked boulevards or rubbing shoulders with Madrilenos in congested Puerta del Sol, vineyards, mountain oases and medieval villages seem a distant fantasy. But, in fact, Madrid is positioned perfectly for stress-free day trips, thanks to abundant train connections and an extensive network of high-speed trains, referred to as AVE. These are eight of my favourite day-long train trips from the capital.


A stroll along the city’s whitewashed lanes offers a glimpse of Spain’s Moorish past. The fortified Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos is the best example of this, with its exquisite patios, gardens, gushing fountains and placid pools. The former capital of the Islamic empire in Spain, Cordoba has one of the largest mosques in the world, the Mezquita. I step through the doorway and I’m struck by the juxtaposition of King Carlos V’s Christian cathedral built inside the mosque. The city’s Muslims once performed their ablutions in the lovely orange tree-studded patio.

For the rest of the article, and it is well worth a read if you are thinking of a day out from Madrid, go here

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