Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What you need to know pt3, Driving in Spain

Driving in Spain is fun on the open road as there is a huge country to be discovered and very few speed cameras out there in the middle of nowhere. However as you get into the big cities it becomes a lot less fun, or even funnier depending on your point of view.

What you need to know about this is the following:
1) You always have right of way if you have the loudest horn, are not nervous about sticking the front end of your car into oncoming traffic and don't mind a few bumps and scratches

2) You should always parallel park by going back until you hit the car behind, forward until you do the same to the car in front and so on until you are right into the space that is about two inches biugger than your car, or in some cases smaller.

3) Stopping at zebra crossings is not an option because if you stop for a pedestrian you will get back ended by someone who wonders why you have just stopped for no reason.

4) It is obligatory to use the car if it is new even if your local supermarket is just 100 yards away

5) Reversing up the motorway hard shoulder because you have missed your turn off is normal practice.

6) Red lights are a challenge rather than an order to stop. If you can sneak through a red light in your BMW in the same way a cyclist does because there is no traffic coming then so be it.

7) You are Alonso and everybody else is a Jensen Button type.

8) Roadsigns are there to confuse you and at best are just guidelines as opposed to rules and you always know better ie that is not a one way street, yes you can go into this no entry area, you can park on this side of the road

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