Sunday, March 15, 2009

What You Must Know pt6 - Spanish TV

1) It is truly awful

2) Read number one again

3) The only programme i think that has ever been invented in Spain and been successful elsewhere was 3-2-1, or as it is known here Uno Dos Tres. That was rubbish.

4) If one channel has success with a format, eg Big Brother, expect all other channels to devote ten hours every day to try and replicate it, eg El Bus.

5) If you are watching a film on Spanish TV don't forget that you were watching it during one of the 20 minute ad breaks and only realise the next morning.

6) The word Gala is to be avoided at all costs unless you love Isabel Pantoja, some minor member of the Iglesias family and bimbo models in tight dresses presenting with a vertically challenged co host who spends the whole evening making double entendres about the dress.

7) Get a satellite package if you can. Then you will be able to watch 50 something channels and nothing on.

8) Learn Spanish so that you can understand how truly awful it is.

9) In the summer you can sometimes watch bullfighting on three or four channels at the same time and in pre season often four channels will have inconsequential fixtures on at the same time.

10) The biggest audience for any programme in Spain this year so far has been Real Madrid getting trashed by Liverpool 4-0 at Anfield so maybe there is something good on every now and again.

Any more suggestions?


  1. Pretty much my take. I usually prefer the ads.
    I particualarly like the late night one for the Jazzestender - as if that nymphet would really fancy the old man but some adverts for Mahou and Laiker are pretty good too!

    The only "can't miss" is "Cuéntame cómo pasó" which is as good a reason as I know to learn Spanish. Ana Duato is "A thinking man's crumpet". Oops, I forget Los Lunnis - a personal favourite. Seriously Lublú, Lucho , Lublila and Lupita are official ambassadors for UNICEF and you can even learn English with my great friends! As for their music, well, "Lucho está enfermo" "Luna Lunera" "Reggae de Lubina" and "Nos vamos a la cama" are as good as it gets from a country that has given us Las Ketchup and Rodolfo!

    PS: There is Natalia Verbeke in "Doctor Mateo" and Ana Obregón in "Ana y las Siete" for when I want to watch some easy-on-the-eye female form

  2. Anonymous5:38 PM

    TVE 2 has pretty good children's stuff in the mornings.

    Also, I have been positively surprised at how many good films (original versions, in original language) can be found to be showing in the evening after 10pm (sure beats having just BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Channel 4, and FIVE to chose from!).


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