Tuesday, March 03, 2009

New Service From Valencia Property

If you are selling your property in Spain and wish to give it that extra push which may make it sell quicker you need to have all of the advantages possible. The Valencia Property website is just one way that you can get the message out there of your property being for sale. We are not stupid enough to think that everyone buying a property is going to come through our door. Therefore we now have another couple of options to add to our services if you are selling.

Firstly we can take an exclusive on and promote your site through the Multi Listing Service that is used by the major agencies in the country. This cannot be done for properties without an exclusive as the signed contract must be produced to get on the list. This takes your property into the listings of well over 700 agencies around the country and gives it a lot more exposure. If you are an British seller who has reduced the price as we have recommended to take advantage of the pound/Euro rate this will give you a huge advantage over other nationalities selling as they are receiving Euros. This service is free apart from the commission on sale.

We can also now add in your own mini site which will be optimised for search engines so that they find you and get you more visits. You can use this site to promote the property yourself and it will include video, highly tuned descriptions to make sure that the page ranks highly for the keywords in Google and it will be bilingual to take advantage of the Spanish market too. For 297 Euros (VAT Included) we can have your site up and running in just a few days.

If you want either of these new services then get in touch and we will talk with you about the advantages of both for you. Obviously you need to get the greatest advantage possible in the current market so our suggestion is to go for the mini site and the exclusivity so as to gain as much competitive advantage as possible.

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