Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Do You Twitter?

If you don't know what Twitter is right now you will do soon. Twitter is a tool that takes time to get but is based on the basic question "What are you doing right now?" However it would be better termed what are you focussing on right now? Anyway, I am using Twitter a lot to get news out of Spain, Valencia and my business and it is working in spades to get more interest in the subject. It is easy to follow on Twitter and easy to get rid of those who annoy you with their Tweets. If you want to sign up go to and follow me @grahunt.

I use a tool called Tweetdeck to get the best from it, (Google a search) and if you want to know how you can use Twitter in your business then go to this link and download the report on how to get targetted followers that can help your business, whatever it is.

Once you are signed up also sign up to Buzzable and go to the Spain group and you can find out what anyone in the World is tweeting about Spain and Spanish. Great tool.

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