Thursday, March 19, 2009

Valencia is Buzzing Tonight

It is La Nit del Foc. The night when the planned firework display starts at 2am, I think, it might be 2.30am. Anyway the hours before are a cacophony of sound with the Valencian three fingered handshake being perfected as more and more careless people use high grade explosive to blow off their fingers as they keep hold of semtex style bangers for just slightly too long.

A good night will be had by all of course and eardrums will be shattered as the late night firework display enchants all. However, the question is, is this the last night of the proms? Are people in denial about the Crisis? Is the Fallas holiday just an excuse to take minds off the serious situation that Spain is finding itself in currently or is this the way to carry on in life, as if nothing untoward is happening. One million people expected at the Nit Del Foc tonight to watch Lord knows how much money being burnt, blasted and whizzed away. Spain is different.

(The Fallas model pictured takes the mick out of Valencian Football. 90 Years of Valecia, about to go bust, and 100 years of Levante, about to go bust!)

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