Sunday, March 29, 2009

Quality Houses for Sale in Spain Will Always Sell

And now is a great time to buy quality houses for sale in Spain because the offers available are excellent due to a combination of factors. Let's look at the facts.

Stunning 7 Bedroomed House inland Valencia

1) Sterling's fall against the Euro coupled with high interest rates last year has placed a lot of British sellers into a position where they can accept, indeed in many cases need to accept, lower offer prices. An example would be that a property that somebody bought investing 200000 Pounds meant paying out between 290-300000 Euros. To recoup that 200000 Pounds the sale price could now be around 210-220000 Euros. Therefore look for properties for sale in Spain from British sellers who can take advantage of this currency gain as they are selling for far lower than residents of the Eurozone.

215000 Euros Ruzafa, Valencia.

2) Interest rates have now fallen dramatically so if you buy a property in Spain then you can get a great deal on the mortgage, if you are a decent client. Also you can take on a current mortgage at a far lower interest rate than a new one and with fewer costs.

3) Buying at the bottom of the cycle is always the best guarantee but when will the bottom of the cycle arrive? Well in many areas it may have already done so. My personal opinion is that you allow some other buyer to wait for the absolute bottom of the cycle because if discounts are already factored in by British sellers using the currency advantage and they realise that to compete they must be keen on price then they are prices to sell very well. Other sellers may eventually drop their prices to compete but the best deals are from British sellers at the moment converting their Euros to Pounds.

4) The better the quality of the property as regards the house itself, the area, the economy etc... the less chance it has of staying on sale for a long time. If you are able to get a good property in a good area at a great price just jump on board now because when the excess number of properties in Spain gets mopped up there will only be the least attractive properties left.

Outside a delicious country house at 90000 Euros

So if you are sitting on the fence due to currency fluctuations, worries about the economy, the uncertainty of interest rates etc... then have a bit of confidence and you can get the best deal you will have seen in a long time. Below are some examples of current great deals because the prices are just exquisite, often below the price they were bought at some years ago and well below current market values. Prices range from 90000-240000 Euros and all are from British sellers and therefore you are guaranteed much lower prices than from Eurozone sellers.

Bijou Flat and Garage in Ruzafa

Huge Country House Inland Valencia with 5000m2 of Olive Trees

Stunning Third Floor Flat in Central Valencia

Country House for Just 90000 Euros

Lovely flat in Ruzafa, Valencia

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